Were you thinking about getting physiotherapy? Not sure about how or where to start? Need a little nudge? Well, here it is —

What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the science associated with the treatment of an individual’s ability to move. This includes maintaining, restoring and enhancing the function, motion, strength and average physical health of a person. 

Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals who provide physical therapy services, which might consist of rehabilitation after an injury or surgery, boosting physical health in case of drain out, warm-ups to avoid muscle overstress or injury prevention, and treatment of injury and disease as well. Physios undergo years of training and extensive know-how of the human body and its working. You can find professional physio treatments centres in Darlinghurst, Sydney and Sydney CBD.

For one to practise physiotherapy in Darlinghurst, they must have completed a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy. Students who have previously terminated their tertiary qualification in a science-based field need to complete a two-year Master of a Physiotherapy program. Subsequently, as per Australian law, all physiotherapists have to be registered with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia. 

Just What Are You Getting Yourself Into?

One of the first things to understand is that physiotherapy is different for everyone since it is curated to treat various pain types, intensity levels, body structure and endurance capacity. A skilled physio expert works with you to understand your physical stance, functional limitations and abilities. This initial study is paramount for a fundamental physical understanding and to customise a treatment plan for you. This plan is drawn according to your body physiology and is subsumed by the current physio approaches and techniques. Employ the services of skilled physio experts from physiotherapy clinics in Darlinghurst, Sydney and Sydney CBD.

Here’s what to expect during your physiotherapy appointment: 

1. The physio will uncovering and learning about your medical history

2. A physical study and diagnosis of your body will be conducted to gain a basic understanding of your condition and requirements.

3.  Physiotherapists also tailor treatment plans that suit your health, lifestyle and other overlapping or taxing activities. 

4. They further help you create a set of physical goals per your endurance and limitations and optimally guide you to achieve them.

5. If the need arises, they also prescribe you specific exercises and devices. 

Common Misconceptions Associated With Physio: 

1. You need a doctor’s referral to approach a physio. This is not true; there are chances when doctors with their screening machinery testing might not pick up on minor pains caused due to weak muscles or joint stiffness. However, you experience these. If left untreated, these might escalate into something more in the future; a physiotherapists examination will help you better understand and diagnose the situation. You are free to seek out a physiotherapist on your own; in fact, this might even prove to be proactive and beneficial at your end. Look up skilled physiotherapists in Darlinghurst, Sydney and Sydney CBD.

2. Physiotherapy is painful; this is a misdirected concept. The prime purpose of physiotherapy is to reduce pain and discomfort. Physio’s test and work within your pain bearing capacity to reduce the long term, chronic pain. This is ideal to ensure your healing process and reinstate seamless, pain-free bodily function.

3. Surgery is the only way. For a broad spectrum of ailments, physiotherapy has been proven to yield similar results to that achieved via surgery. This includes rotator cuff tears, degenerative disc, certain forms of knee osteoarthritis or even meniscal tears. Hence, consult an experienced physiotherapist before you make the final decision in such circumstances. Get physio consultation from proficient physiotherapists in reputed clinics from Darlinghurst, Sydney and Sydney CBD.

4. Physio in Sydney CBD is only for treating muscle pain. This is not true; physiotherapy has a broad reach. A physiotherapist can treat more than just ligament or muscle pain. It can treat conditions like vestibular or pelvic floor rehabilitation, paralysis, sports injuries, or chronic pain. Even a person simply wanting to maintain active body health can schedule regular physiotherapy sessions. 

5. The healing time is long. Physiotherapy is procedural, wherein step by step improvements are prompted and observed. Since it aims at a full recovery, the treatment might seem stretched out, not a temporary quick fix. However, this is not the case. The treatment period depends on the severity of the injury and takes only the ideal curing time under ideal circumstances.

Today, with realisation about the importance of maintaining both physical as well as mental health is growing. As a result, you’ll probably find multiple physiotherapy clinics in your locality. However, you need to seek the physios that can offer you the absolute best treatment. Conduct your research before you finalise on one, ensure that you can trust and rely on them completely to meet your requirements optimally. Check on their credentials and if their treatment ideologies are in sync with yours. You’ll find a wide range of proficient and experienced physiotherapy clinics in Darlinghurst, Sydney and Sydney CBD.