aluminium fencing Newcastle.

 Property owners spend a lot on their Aluminium Fencing in Newcastle. To ensure these fencing structures look brand-new for long periods, regular maintenance is critical. Here’s a guide. 

If you’ve already installed aluminium fencing Newcastle or are planning to, you need to have a clear maintenance strategy prepared. Aluminium fencing structures provide amazing protection, security, and privacy. But, they’re not impervious to weather-related damages. From thunderstorms to sudden temperature changes –  several factors contribute to your aluminium fence’s degradation over the years. A degrading fence can’t – 

  • Provide optimum security
  • Offer high levels of privacy
  • Architectural features of the fences will deteriorate with time
  • Fences that don’t receive yearly re-painting and regular cleaning make your property look very bad 
  • Even though aluminium fencing in Newcastle is quite affordable, your investment won’t feel satisfactory if the fence doesn’t last for at least a decade 

So, once the aluminium fence is installed, you’ll need to have a clear preservation and upkeep strategy. Thankfully, formulating such a strategy isn’t too difficult. Here are the steps homeowners need to take to preserve their aluminium fences

Pressure Washing

High-quality aluminium fencing Newcastle is extremely durable. Your fence can resist a lot of water pressure. So, pressure washing the fence by using your garden hose is the ideal way of getting rid of all the dirt, algae growth, mould, debris, mildew, stains, etc. Monthly pressure washing will strip away the stains, reveal the cleaner face of your fence, and most importantly, prolong its life without requiring expensive repairs or replacements.


Many owners of aluminium fencing Newcastle opt to colour-coat or stain their fences. By doing so, they not only add a dash of colour and vibrancy to their fences, but they also add a shield of additional protection. Coatings will prevent weather damage, insect damage and drastically slow down the process of wear and tear over time. 

Replace Loose or Broken Components

If you own slat fences, beware of splicing. These types of fences are extremely durable, but they’re also prone to freak accidents. Even something as small as a kid falling on the fence can cause some of the fence’s components to fall apart. When one of the boards or components of an aluminium fencing structure falls apart, the rest are also at risk. The only way to avoid causing extra damage to the boards that are intact is by replacing the spliced or broken components. Don’t waste time. Contact an expert installer of aluminium fencing Newcastle and have him/her replace the broken components with new ones. 

Always Prevent Loose Posts

Lastly, homeowners must always check for any signs of loosening or weakening in their aluminium fencing structures. Often due to physical damages, some regions of the aluminium fences become dented or loose. When these small issues start racking up, the offer functionality and efficiency of the aluminium fences start to suffer. Just like with replacing broken components, homeowners mustn’t waste any time securing the loose boards. 

Don’t let these basic maintenance responsibilities steer you away from the idea of getting aluminium fencing Newcastle. Aluminium fences require by far the least amount of maintenance. So, if homeowners do their part, they can make their aluminium fences last for decades.