aluminium picket fence

Property values are always fluctuating. Countless factors determine a property’s resale value. Even small add-on features that either boost the home’s appearance or overall functionality can increase its retail price. So, homeowners who are planning to sell their properties in the foreseeable future must always be on the lookout to add minor décor-related features or installations to their properties.

Perhaps the best feature homeowners can add to their properties to boost their value is fencing. These simple and efficient structures instantly command the attention of anyone who walks into the property. Since first impressions are extremely important in the super-competitive real estate market, high-quality fences are able to reel-in numerous lucrative offers from potential buyers. 

Aluminium Picket Fences – The Best Fencing Option to Raise the Value of Your Property? 

Fences should be able to create clean and cosy environments in the front yard of the property. Otherwise, attracting potential buyers’ attention will be difficult. Picket fences offer just that. They make the property stand out amongst the crowd. For many buyers, a high-quality aluminium picket fence is the archetypal component of a family home. 

Plus, contemporary-style aluminium picket fences are extremely different to traditional wrought-iron fences or classic wood fences. These outdated picket fences typically don’t suit modern home decors. Aluminium fences, on the other hand, are – 


Aluminium picket fencing can be modified to perfectly fit any landscape. Be it a house located on a completely flat surface or a front yard that’s on sloping lands – aluminium fencing panels can be easily customized by the manufacturers so that after they’re installed, there are no gaps or ugly transitions on the entire fencing structure. 

These fences can also be customized after they’re installed. For instance, let’s say local government bodies ask homeowners to improve their properties’ security features. Aluminium picket fences can be easily customized and given different height specifications. Property shoppers appreciate these little details.

Aesthetic Quality

Since the aesthetic qualities of the homes on sale are the first thing that property shoppers notice, it’s important for homeowners to ensure that their fences are stylish, feature the right colours, and have appealing textures. Selecting an aluminium picket fence that features these qualities is very easy.

Modern-day aluminium picket fencing manufacturers are able to hide unsightly screws or picket fasteners on the fences. Viewers only see attractive-looking fences with plain surfaces from the outside. Plus, these surfaces are powder-coated with protective layers, so the fences don’t suffer from heat or weather damage. 

In terms of colour options, homeowners can choose from clay, silver, chocolate, fine white, bronze, gloss beige, satin black, and several others for their aluminium picket fences. These brightly coloured picket fences look just as elegant as stateliness-steel or iron fences (without the high costs, maintenance requirements, and rust risks). 

Direct Cost-Benefits

Property shoppers are very astute people, and they consider every cost-benefit they receive from the properties they acquire. Although your estate’s external presentation will determine their first-impressions of your property, if they think that some structures on the property aren’t as valuable in the long-run, they won’t pay extra. 

To truly boost a property’s value, additional features like fences need to offer long-term cost benefits. Thankfully, a high-quality aluminium picket fence offers both functional and aesthetic values that last for long periods. These fences are –

  • Easy to Replace – Unlike wrought iron and steel fences, aluminium picket fences are extremely affordable. They only look as regal and expensive as wrought iron fences. But they’re as cheap as wooden fences. Plus, unlike wood, your aluminium fencing won’t require regular maintenance. These one-time investments usually last for decades, but they’re also easy to replace. If your fencing structure has an extended warranty, the new buyers can cost-effectively replace them anytime they want. 
  • Durable – A key long-term benefit of aluminium picket fences is their durability. Aluminium is resistant to corrosion, rot, fading, moisture damage, sunlight damage, and pest infestations. Aluminium picket fences stand strong against all of these threats. That’s definitely a quality that new property buyers seek. 
  • Easy to Maintain – Steel or wooden fences require regular re-sealing or repainting. Aluminium fences come covered with protective powder paint coatings. These coatings fuse the paint to the surface, ensuring the surfaces remain damage-free for years. Regular maintenance isn’t really necessary with aluminium picket fences.

Make sure your aluminium picket fences are properly installed. The fence must compliment the size and décor of your property. The large number of amenities these fences provide are guaranteed to boost your property’s market value!