corporate videographer

If you are looking for a good corporate videographer for your business, you must know how to select the best one in your locality. A corporate videographer is an expert in video production and does that for a living. The best organisations make it a point to hire experienced videographers who specialise in corporate videography. Videography is filming numerous events, footage of the company, Making videos for marketing and sales, etc. In this competitive age, you need a videographer that does an excellent job of making videos for your company or business. These videos must be able to instill interest among clients/customers.

Types of work done:

Corporate videography is a vast subject and can vary from one business to another depending on the requirement. However, there are a few basic videos that are required by businesses. A corporate videographer takes care of such videos for the company and makes sure that they are well executed. Basically, videos are of two types- External videos for marketing which include advertisements, product demonstrations, case studies, promotional videos, etc, and Internal videos like training videos, recruitment videos, onboarding videos, etc. Some other jobs performed by the videographer are-

  • Conducting video shoots about any product or service provided
  • Shooting the video footage
  • Looking after lighting, equipment, soundcheck, props if any, etc.
  • Looking after the final editing before the videos are released

Importance of corporate videos:

Statistics show again and again that corporate videography is an effective tool to gain customers and increase sales of a company or business. The reasons are-

  • Videos released with the help of a professional corporate videographer are an essential marketing tool that has shown to increase sales hugely.
  • Videography allows companies to market their products in a simplified manner without having to explain too much. This saves up time and also allows for greater customer engagement.
  • The right video can increase the traffic on online business websites and physical stores
  • The videos produced by a good corporate videographer are informative, thereby making sure to explain the working of a product or best explain the services provided by a particular business or company. This usually leads to convincing the customer to buy the product or hire the service.
  • The videos when done right can increase sales and also create a distinct brand value addition to the product or service.

Types of corporate videography:

Now that you have decided to hire the services of a corporate videographer, you must know the working of one. This will help you in selecting the type of work that you are looking for to produce videos for your business.

  • Long-term videography:

For this, the best option is to hire an in-house videographer so that the videographer is present to tackle simple videos over a long time.

  • One-time shoots:

In this case, you can hire a freelancer who works solo as it gets the job done quite cheap. This is only a one-time thing. However, for longer periods of service, make sure to select someone from a reputed company.

  • Complex videography:

Some shoots are way more complicated than others. These types of shoots usually require a large team and need the services of a videography agency. Quality needs to be optimum in such cases and therefore you cannot just select anyone for the purpose.