quantum quartz benchtops

When it comes to kitchen designs, benchtops have a critical role to play. They are not only amazing in terms of colour, design, and texture but they also bear every day burnt that a kitchen faces from the daily wear and tear. Hence, choosing the perfect benchtop for your kitchen is a challenging task that you ought to take into consideration. Now the question is how you start with your selection of benchtops. The material could be the first criteria. The options are aplenty such as natural stone, engineered ones, sintered, or porcelain. If you look at the popular choice of kitchen benchtops you would see that quantum quartz benchtops are highly preferred. The reasons are it is easily available, reasonably priced, and available in multiple colours, finishes, and variations.

Why is Quantum Quartz Benchtops So Popular?

The first thing that needs to be said about quantum quartz is that is the most abundant minerals on the earth, and it is also one of the hardest stone. Its popularity combined with its hardness has made quantum quartz one of the most popular materials to be used as a kitchen benchtop.

It is said that quantum quartz benchtops comprising both natural properties and man-made counterparts is one of the most durable kitchen benchtops.

Now let us explore some of the significant advantages of using quantum quartz benchtops for your kitchen.

Aesthetically Rich

The best thing about quantum quartz is that it gives you the look of a natural stone without being equally pricey. Moreover, it has been a popular choice among builders, designers, and homeowners for quite some time now due to its three-dimensional appearance and realistic finish.

Uniform Look

Since quantum quartz is an engineered stone it has a uniform look throughout the benchtop, unlike marbles or granite. Quantum quartz benchtops are a great option for the ones who are quite finicky about their kitchen and do not prefer any kind of imperfection. It is also largely useful for bigger kitchens that might require joints in more than one place.

High Durability

Kitchen benchtops are one of the most functional aspects of a well-organized kitchen and it is hard to imagine a kitchen without a benchtop. And quantum quartz stands the test of time. Its naturally hard make up with the addition of resin binders makes it one of the most durable kitchen benchtops. The best thing with quantum quartz is that you can get durability at the most reasonable price.

Low Porosity

Quantum Quartz does not have a porous surface like natural stones. Since quantum quartz has resin binders it cannot be easily penetrated by liquid or moisture. Hence, unlike natural stone, you need not clear spills from quantum quartz benchtops immediately.

Highly Scratch Resistant

A kitchen is a place that involves a lot of cutting and peeling, and all of it happens on the kitchen benchtop, especially when you do not have the time to use your chopping board. In such cases, you would need a benchtop that is scratch-resistant and quantum quartz is exactly that. Due to its hard surface, it is not easily affected by knife marks or other scratches.

Last and not least, you must be careful while you select your kitchen benchtops made of quantum quartz.