pool excavation Sydney

For many homeowners, inground swimming pools are the ultimate luxury symbols. However, for homeowners who do have swimming pools on their properties, these structures are often “attractive nuisances.” They look and feel good but simultaneously pose a lot of risks. For starters, swimming pools are often in need of repair.

They require extensive amounts of maintenance. For homeowners who don’t have too much space on their properties, swimming pools often take up spaces that could be used for other purposes. These are some reasons why pool excavation in Sydney is becoming increasingly popular.

Why Remove Your Swimming Pool?

Many property shoppers are re-considering their idea of buying a house with an existing swimming pool. That’s because there are many factors that deem such homes unsmart investments. The practical reasons why pool removal in Sydney is growing popular include –

  • Costs – Merely the water and heating costs for maintaining an in-house swimming pool are too high. Depending on the temperatures, humidity levels, and average wind speeds your property experiences, you could be spending thousands a month on expensive swimming pool heaters that use expensive fuel sources such as propane, natural gas, and electricity. Other costs include – purchasing code-compliant drain covers, investing in pool barriers for child safety, etc. These costs make many homeowners consider pool removal in Sydney.
  • Maintenance Hassles – According to experts of pool excavation in Sydney, every one-degree increase in swimming pool temperatures comes with a 30% increase in energy costs. Since high-quality pools need to remain heated at all times, pool maintenance is a major hassle for many. Homeowners have to follow strict pool regulations, keep investing in up-to-date equipment, and maintain compliance with countless government codes. Getting pool removal in Sydney is much cheaper and easier.
  • Water Loss – Water evaporation leads to substantial amounts of water loss per day. In hot and dry areas, evaporation depletes the water levels of swimming pools even more rapidly. Pool refilling is expensive, tiresome, and contributes to unnecessary energy loss.  
  • Insurance Hassles – Homeowners may need to increase their insurance coverages if they install accident-prone features on their properties, such as trampolines, artificial ponds, and swimming pools. Insurance companies recommend getting pool removal in Sydney to avoid these trumped-up monthly insurance fees.
Getting Professional Pool Removal:

Homeowners willing to get pool removal in Sydney, have many options. There are four pool removal processes that they can choose from –

  • Partial removal and non-engineered fills 
  • Partial removal and engineered fills 
  • Full removal with non-engineered backfills 
  • Full removal with engineered backfills

Irrespective of the removal technique homeowners choose, they need to partner with professional experts in pool excavation in Sydney. These professionals offer perks like –

  • Access to Top Pool Material Suppliers – Top experts in pool excavation in Sydney can help homeowners rebuild their swimming pools using the best materials and tools in the market.
  • Time-Efficiency – Top experts in pool excavation in Sydney use the right excavation equipment to make sure their pool removal projects are time and cost-efficient.
  • Project Management – Pool removal processes can be very hectic. Professional contractors hire trained pool removal professionals who have the skills needed to keep excavation sites safe and efficient.

Hiring professionals for pool excavation in Sydney isn’t a decision that homeowners should take lightly. There is a lot at stake, so selecting the best contractors is vital!