A house with a pool is a blessing. Be it the hot summers or the chilly winters, the swimming pool is a decorative and luxurious asset in one’s home. When it comes to the scorching summers, the pool is the most happening place in the entire house.

It makes many good memories, but one should also look into the safety and wellbeing of family and friends. Accidental drowning and deaths have made the government bring in a law to build a fence around the pool.

Pool fencing not only gives security, but there are also other added advantages. 

 What is the importance of fencing around the pool? 

The first and foremost significance of a fence is the security of children. With pool fencing, you don’t have to repeatedly check on your kids when they are playing around that area. You don’t have to agonize about children breaking the glass because the particular glass used for pool fencing is usually thicker and heavier than the normal ones, and it is erected to a height of about 4ft.  

 The gaps between the bars are maximum of 4 inches so that nobody can squeeze into the opening. It keeps you at ease and free of anxiety. These fences also provide a safe barrier from strangers entering the pool when the residents are not at home. 

 Why choose frameless pool fencing? 

 1) Contemporary and Modern : 

 Frameless pool fence has a wide range of benefits, and the most important is that it adds aesthetic and visual beauty to the whole backyard. It makes the overall property appear spacious and luxurious with the long sheets of glass. Now you can afford a 5-star pool vacation at the comfort of your home giving your backyard a resort atmosphere. 

 2) Pet Proof :

Almost every homeowner nowadays owns a pet, and they are more or less part of the family. Keeping these animals safe is a concern, and pool fencing comes in rescue. 

 3) Corrosion-free :

Frameless pool fences don’t have metal hinges and frames in support. Steel clamps are placed only at the bottom of the glass, which in turn gives a floating appearance. You don’t have to fret about corrosion and rusting because the steel used is stainless steel. 

 4) Unobstructed view :

Parents can chill with a drink or a book at the poolside and keep eyes on their kids alternatively with this frameless pool fencing. It gives you a better view of your garden with no partitions hindering your eyes. 

 5) Effortless maintenance : 

Considering the hygiene there are no metal frames that could come in contact with the water. Besides that, frameless pool fencing lessens your maintenance cost since they are easy to clean with no nooks and corners for dirt  ould  to deposit. Water and detergent are all you need to make it sparkle. 

 Conclusion :

Homeowners who consider enhancing their poolside and enriching the artistic view of the house should opt for frameless pool fencing. It comes with easy installations, not taking much of your time.

A peaceful mind and calmness are what a frameless pool fence guarantees. Last but foremost, choosing a trustworthy installation company is the key.