Timber flooring has become a popular choice for homes in the last few years because it looks good. It is hard to beat the warmth and lustre of a wood floor to make a room feel cosy. French oak Oak timber floor, in particular, is a good choice. 


Oak flooring has a lot more to offer than carpeted floors. It looks good and can handle a lot of wear and tear. A lot of dust can build up on carpets, making mites more likely to breed. These mites and their eggs cause many allergies, especially in children. Dust mite allergens can hide in wood floors, but a dust mop can quickly clean them up, making them less likely to be found.

Keeping Up With New Trends

Many years ago, a certain colour scheme was popular. The carpet in the living room may have been chosen to match the colour scheme. After five or ten years, the colour scheme is out of style, and the carpet is stained and discoloured. Changing a carpet every time decorating trends change would be a huge waste of money. It does not matter what colour of oak you choose for your floor. It will match most colour combinations, no matter how strong your colour preferences are.

Many homes had wood floors during the 19th century. They stayed popular until the mid-20th century when carpets were made more cheaply because of synthetic fibres. A return to more traditional styles of home decor, which are now seen as vintage, has led to a rise in the popularity of French oak timber flooring. People who have wood floors say that they are easy to clean. They also make the room feel more comfortable.

Durability and Beauty 

Due to its resistance to wear, oak is a very long-lasting material for floor tiles because it is very durable. This makes it the best choice for places that get a lot of traffic. White oak is resistant to liquids getting into it, so it is great for kitchen and bathroom floors.

Both red and white oak can be glued, drilled, and cut with a machine, making it easier to put down flooring. The wood also reacts well to any treatments and stains applied, offering a wide range of colour and finish options for your oak floor.

Simple to Maintain and A Good Investment

To keep the floor looking good, it needs some simple care. Furniture pads and felt-bottomed castor cups should be used to keep furniture from getting scratches and scuffs. This is what most manufacturers say. Use a dust mop several times a week to keep the floor clean. Clean the floor with a product made for wooden floors, taking into account the finish of your floor. 

Make sure you do not use abrasive cleaners, sponges, or clothes when you clean your home. People like oak-engineered flooring because it can last for a long time with some care. It can be used with any color scheme and furniture, from traditional to modern and it looks good with both. If you want to make your home more valuable, you cannot afford to put in an oak timber floor.