The demand for tile flooring has grown heavily over the years. Tiles are suitable for both interior and exterior decors. The higher adaptability and low maintenance make it a popular choice. Remodelling house with house increase the property valuation. Stone tiles are affordable and available in a versatile range. 

The stone tiles are a natural and sustainable choice. It adds timeless elegance and class to space. The natural stone floor tiles are cut from a natural source. The minerals in the natural stone make them resistant to weather conditions. The common materials used are limestone, granite, sandstone, marble, and travertine. 

Advantage of Designing Floors with Natural Stone Tiles 

Natural stone tiles have been used in monuments and architectural pieces. It exuberate eccentricity through its ornate patterns. There are many properties which make natural stone superior. It is low maintenance and keeps the surface cooler. It has many benefits in the long run with its characteristics. 

  • The granite natural stone has low porosity. The low water absorption makes the tiles water-resistant. It keeps the tiles cool during summer. It prevents cracking of stone surface during winters.
  • Stone is a durable and dense material. The tiles made from natural stone is prone to less wear and tear. It can withstand high foot traffic without being impacted. 
  • The natural stone floor tiles are aesthetically appealing. The patterns, veins or unique colour combination makes it versatile. The colour and design do not fade away.
  • These are perfect for exterior flooring. The high compressive strength makes it durable. The tiles are easy to clean and hence low maintenance. 

Different Types of Natural Stones used for Flooring Tiles

There are different varieties of natural stone used for flooring. Each type has different properties and characteristics. The grade of the stone is important to understand the tile quality. Grade 1 natural stone represents uniform, high-quality material. 

Sandstone and limestone are perfect for external flooring. It can be used for flooring the swimming pool decks or external space. Limestone gives a rustic and vintage look with versatile design patterns. Limestone is affordable and gives a rustic, rugged appearance. 

Granite is one of the toughest natural stone floor tiles. It is used for the construction of floors and countertops. With the lowest porosity, it can withstand extreme conditions. The natural stone has a low oxidation rate and prevents discolouration. Slates are popularly used for porches, pool decks, and laying paths.

Travertine has a natural ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. These have low friction and hence has anti-slip properties. It is a well finished and polished surface, ideal for wet surfaces. The natural stones are derived from nature and hence eco-friendly. It undoubtedly adds an earthly vibe to space. Each stone has a unique pattern and designs. 

Easy Installation Process with Higher Longevity 

It is easy and convenient to install the stone tiles, with low time to time maintenance.  The natural stone floor gives a classic look and improves the decor. It complements all types of spaces. The stones are affordable and are a highly recommended investment.