blackbutt flooring

Blackbutt flooring is a timber that is derived from the blackbutt tree, which is a native of Australia. It is one of the local commercial hardwood species plantations that is stretched across Queensland and New South Wales.  It is one of the hardest timber varieties and is highly resistant to fire.

Are you one of those homeowners looking to renovate your home’s flooring to give it a timeless appeal? Blackbutt flooring is the perfect option not only for its aesthetic beauty but also for its classic style. Blackbutt flooring is distinctive and stands out from the rest of the Australian Timber species for its practicality, durability and high functionality. Read on to know more about why blackbutt flooring is special for your home.


If you are looking for a timber flooring option that is long-lasting through the generations, then the blackbutt timber flooring is the one. It is highly durable and capable of maintaining its originality with proper care and routine maintenance.  When compared to the other flooring options, blackbutt timber flooring does not wear and tear over time, nor does it show signs of excess usage like scrapes, and skid markings on its surface.  All that needs to be done is simple sanding and polishing that can restore it to its natural beauty.

Planted and grown in Australia:

The blackbutt timber obtained for flooring purposes is locally grown in Australian soil and climatic conditions. This makes it better suited for Australian homes and those places with similar living conditions. This enhances its durability and is the preferred choice for building constructions in those localities that are more prone to bushfires and fire breakouts. What makes blackbutt timber special is that it is highly resistant to fires, unlike any other wood species.

Easy maintenance:

The blackbutt timber does not require much maintenance except the occasional cleaning and polishing. This saves you money spent on investing in professional flooring specialists. Just get a top-quality microfiber broom that can glide seamlessly across the flooring, sweeping away the dirt, dust, debris, and even the tiniest of particles. Mopping the flooring is also easy. However, care needs to be taken to use timber-friendly cleaning solutions. Avoid using harsh chemicals that corrode the surface and leave it more prone to deterioration in no time. Also, take care to limit the moisture levels and the contact of water. Spills, accidental leaks need to be mopped quickly to prevent staining.

Colour options:

Blackbutt Timber is one amazing choice that is unique, appealing, and vibrant. Blackbutt Timber comes in varied colours that range between browns to cream tones. It completes the look of your home and blends in with the rest of the home decor. Create a timeless look by installing blackbutt timber flooring, no matter the style, renovations, or interior design. Blackbutt timber is available in the Australian market in a stunning range of styles, designs, and colour options for you to choose. While the lighter colours blend well with smaller spaces, the darker colours suit large open spaces.