car park wheel stops

Have you ever witnessed an incident when a car wrecks a garden or bumps into a nearby building while being parked? If yes, it is because those environments did not have car park wheel stops. Wheel stops on a car park is a method to protect cars and properties from damage while parking. The wheel stops to intervene with the driver and prevents the car from wrecking a garden or hitting a vehicle. However, when you are investing in wheel stops, you must ensure that they are robust, reliable, unobtrusive, and available in a variety of materials such as rubber, steel, and concrete.

Types of Car Park Wheel Stops

Usually, there are three types of wheel stops made from three different materials, namely plastic, rubber, and concrete. All three types of wheel stops have their pros and cons. However, of all the three types of wheel stops, the rubber ones seem to be most convenient. Let us each of these types.

Concrete Wheel Stops

The wheel stops made with concrete are heavy and withstand a huge amount of force. But the problem with these wheel stops is that because of their heavyweight it is difficult to transport and install them. At the same time, because of their excessive robust nature, they can be detrimental to the vehicle, thereby causing cracks and chips.

Plastic Wheel Stops

Plastic wheel shops are a lot lighter than the concrete ones, and they are also the cheapest of wheel stops available in the market. The plastic wheel stops are more suitable for personal garages and parking spaces and they are not much suitable for commercial spaces. On the other hand, the plastic wheel stops are not much effective for heavy vehicles.

Rubber Wheel Stops

The car park wheel stops made with rubber offers a middle-ground between concrete and plastic. They are lighter compared to the concrete ones while heavier than the plastic ones. Hence, rubber wheel stops can not only be easily installed and transported, but they are also highly effective in stopping vehicles from hitting the wall. The best part about rubber wheel stops is that one person can install them. On the other hand, since it is easy to carry rubber wheel stops from one place to the other, its repair work and maintenance is comparatively easy. Also, the rubber ones do not chip vehicles even if they accidentally get over them. Hence, rubber wheel stops are not only long-lasting but also a true value for money.

Things to keep in mind while buying car park wheel stops

When you buy wheel stops, ensure that the supplier can give you different coloured wheel stops to designate various parking lots. For example, yellow is for standard parking; red is for reserved parking and blue is for handicapped parking. Also, you need to carefully check out the size of the blocks that you need for car parking wheels. Generally, the wheel stops are available in four feet, six feet, and eight feet sizes. If you are looking at obstructing a truck, then you should opt for the eight feet blocks. Last and not least, choose your suppliers with care.