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When the world started becoming digital, the advent of computers was something that was a breakthrough. With life becoming easy and the computer taking less than half-time to complete tasks, there was no looking back. With time, things evolved and then came smartphones, tabs and similar devices where one could perform the same activities in a compact screen.
In the present times, businesses are making their mark and creating awareness amongst people in the form of websites and a presence in social media. While people are accessing the Internet on the go, the demand for these websites to be responsive is something that is increasing with each day.

The leading search engines as that of Google recommends each website developer at web design agency in Mumbai to make their creations responsive, here are the reasons why.

There would be more mobile users in the days to come

Research says that in the coming years, more and more people would shift to the use of smartphones and tablets rather than laptops and desktops. The reason being computers in any form is bulky and difficult access whenever and wherever but smartphones and tablets fit almost anywhere and there is easy access to it anytime. With technology becoming user-friendly and compact, people would no longer depend on computers after a few years. Therefore, people would want to access the website and similar details on the mobile phones, and when the website is responsive, the access becomes easy.

People are known to multitask

A recent survey came up with reports where it said that people preferred shopping with the help of their phone rather than straining their backs with a computer. With multiple products available on the e-commerce websites, it takes time and patience to come to the right product. People browse the mobile phone while watching television or even while traveling from one place to the other. This allows them to perform two tasks at once without having to dedicate a certain amount of time to the computer. When the websites are responsive, it becomes easy for people to browse and multitask while on the go.

You have better SEO rankings

When you have a responsive website, you get to have better SEO ranks. Google and other search engines would give more preference to a responsive website that is user-friendly rather than something that makes it difficult for users. When your website is responsive, there is likely to be more time spent by people on your website, and that is how you receive the priority and get better ranks.

It can be accessed by any size of the device

While giving examples of smartphones and tablets is just to make people understand, in the coming years, there would be a lot more with technology coming up with new things each day. Smart watches and similar devices that can access the Internet can access your website when it is made responsive. There is no use of a website that is only limited to desktop viewing, especially in the years to come.