An experienced arborist in the Blue Mountains can easily teach homeowners how to properly prune the trees in their backyards. Here’s what makes a tree pruning such an important task. 

Believe it or not, regularly pruning your backyard trees can potentially save your life. According to every leading arborist in the Blue Mountains, tree-related accidents that cause the most damage are the ones that are the least expected. A dead tree branch can fall from an unmaintained tree at any time. Unknowingly, unmaintained trees can seriously endanger buildings, electricity lines, and property owners.

That’s why removing potentially dangerous tree limbs via regular pruning is so important. Homeowners who don’t know how their trees’ branches need to be pruned can always ask an experienced arborist for support and assistance. Here’s why these tree removal experts compel their clients to learn and perform pruning regularly – 

Maintain the Property’s Aesthetic Value

Trees that aren’t frequently pruned start looking unbalanced and out-of-place very soon. Their limbs sprout off in odd directions. Uneven growth makes branches and shrubs look very nasty. Pruning is like giving your tree a haircut. Pruning should be consistent and aim to beautify the tree’s natural shape. 

An experienced arborist can even thin out the limbs and chop down awkward branches to create unique looking trees. But, homeowners can’t be expected to conduct professional-grade trimming. They should stick to regularly pruning their trees with basic scissors and garden knives. 

Yard Maintenance

When property owners don’t regularly prune their trees and shrubs, their backyard or garden aesthetics are ruined. Plus, densely packed branches not only look bad, but they also block sunlight rainfall from reaching the roots of surrounding trees. They inhibit the growth of surrounding plants. Regular tree pruning is the only fix in such situations. 

Regular trimming ensures that adequate amounts of sunlight and water reach all sections of their garden. A little side-advantage – property owners also get to enhance their yard’s appearance. 

Health Concerns 

Overgrowth or unchecked growth negatively affects the health of trees. Unmaintained trees can grow extremely weak in short periods. Instead of hiring a professional arborist in the Blue Mountains to remove overgrown branches and perform corrective pruning, homeowners must opt for the cheaper route, which is consistent pruning! 

When to Prune Your Trees?

Trees, just like all creatures on the planet, are susceptible to environmental stress. If you remove your tree’s branches at the wrong time, you can cause it a lot of damage. According to every professional arborist in the Blue Mountains – 

  • Tree owners must conduct all pruning activities in the late fall or winter seasons. For trees, this is the dormant season.
  • When trees are dormant, they don’t contain much sap. Hence less sap is lost due to pruning. 
  • In the winter months, insects and fungi are dormant as well. They can’t damage the freshly pruned branches during winter. 

Certain tree species need to be pruned in specific months of the year. In general, it’s best to prune trees right before the stormy season and during the winters when the trees are least susceptible to any harm that may be caused by pruning. Unless homeowners need emergency branch removal services, they should stick to this schedule.