Subaru has upgraded and well-grounded technology. The distinctive aligned Four-wheel drive train and boxer engine have been showered with numerous awards for automatic excellence. To sustain the ongoing uprightness for your Subaru vehicle, Subaru Service in Artarmon has got the best expert tooling. The company made workshop manuals, service information and also straightforward technical assistance with Subaru, helping their highly certified-trained technicians.

Services you will find in a workshop:

Most workshops utilize the latest equipment and have been motivated to support the Subaru maintenance program, which enables you to get the best services from your Subaru vehicle.

As part of the Subaru program, dedicated to confirming the Subaru Dealer Service beliefs. That means:

  • Assurance of the quality of their craft, and placing only original Subaru parts.
  • They are making sure that all their technicians meet the Subaru high standards.
  • Making sure of competitive pricing and precise adherence to company maintenance programs.
  • Have a better understanding of your needs; hence you can go beyond your expectations.

Besides, when you know your car is in good hands, so are you! Customers are welcomed at their service lounge area with big television screens. So, they can relax while enjoying free coffee or tea while your car is being worked on. If you would like to be dropped nearby, you can make yourself available for the free courtesy transportation service. You will be called once your vehicle is done so that you come for it. You can also come and collect the car yourself. That’s an excellent service.

Regular maintenance:

Making your vehicle to last needs attention. By keenly examining some critical areas under your bonnet and some essential, regular maintenance – you can help maintain your Subaru well for many years.

Oil, fluid, and coolants should be topped-up or regularly replaced. At the same time, rubber hoses and belts need to be checked for degenerating. Tires too and brake pads should be inspected to make sure that you are safe on the road.

Spare parts:

Here, only original spare parts are recommended for your vehicle. Original spare parts have been specifically designed to fix in tour vehicles to help in ensuring better performance from your car.

Their authentic parts and accessories are like those used to make your vehicle- the exact quality, the same standards, and the equal value for money. Also equipped with TV, Wi-Fi, coffee, and tea making facilities make your visit to the service centre comfortable and welcoming.

Visual health check:

Anytime you take your vehicle for an adjustment or service, it will be checked all around. Drive with confidence knowing you are well covered every time.

Spotting mechanical issues which could, in the future, cause the unwanted cost to other parts of your vehicle. Here they identify sections that may wear out in a month. If nothing is wrong, they will ensure that you have your vehicle’s clean bill of health.

The Subaru Service in Artarmon wishes you safe and joyful motoring.