steel Ute trays

Summary – High-quality steel Ute trays offer a variety of different uses. From adding load space to trucks to offering safety for sensitive equipment – here’s why these trays are so special.

Truck owners who are aiming to upgrade the Ute tubs they originally had in their trucks must consider purchasing steel Ute trays. Apart from steel trays, aluminium trays are also extremely popular. But, there’s something special about stainless-steel trays that make them better than the other options in the market. Granted, steel units cost more than others and need regular maintenance to ensure they don’t get corroded. However, these trays more than make up for the inflated costs by delivering years of reliable service. As long as truck owners can find reputable suppliers, they can benefit a lot from using these trays.

Why Steel Trays are Special

The one concern that most truck owners have with steel Ute trays is their weight. Commercial truck owners who carry a lot of heavy equipment may face some weight-related issues. Balancing the weight of solid steel Ute trays and heavy loads can be challenging. That’s why truck owners must consider all of these minute details before making purchases. Another concern people raise with these weighty trays is long-term maintenance. Often truck owners keep their Utes parked/garaged for long periods. Prolonged exposure to air and moisture can cause the trays to corrode. However, even if these trays are corroded, they can provide years of service. That’s because solid-steel makes these trays extremely strong and durable. No matter how roughly they’re handled, they are never damaged or dented. Unlike aluminium Ute trays that can get dented after a couple of beatings, using steel for Ute trays comes with a sense of safety that other materials don’t provide.

Is Aluminum a Viable Option? 

Ute trays are extremely popular because of their diversity. Even if steel trays are considered to be the better option by many, aluminium trays aren’t that far behind. These lightweight trays enable truck owners to load as many items as possible on the back of their Utes. Be it a comprehensive set of camping equipment or bags of concrete – aluminium Ute trays can handle it all. Plus, they’re naturally corrosion-resistant and ideal for truck owners that reside near the coast. However, unlike steel trays, aluminium trays have a specific threshold. They can only tolerate heavy loads to a certain extent.

How to Choose Utes Trays?

Truck owners must choose steel Ute trays that offer them sufficient space. They should consider the goods they’ll be transporting after getting the trays. For instance, if the truck owner aims to transport plants, the Ute trays don’t need to be too big. However, if it’s a plumber transporting heavy-duty plumbing equipment, the Ute trays need to offer a lot of space and cabin choices. The market is full of flexible Ute trays. Truck owners need to choose a design/layout that’s ideal for their commercial purposes.

Usable for All

What makes these trays special is the fact that they can be used by plumbers, landscapers, electricians, builders, or even regular truck owners for commercial purposes. Plus, these trays can be modified with accessories such as storage bins, shelving, roof racks, ladder slides, bull bars, gas bottle carriers, and drawer units.