First and foremost, let’s have the basic understanding of the meaning of pavers. They are slabs and blocks made up of various materials to design driveways, pool decks, planters, fire pits, patios, and walkways. They are a fantastic alternative for concrete.

Depending on the materials used to make a paver, it is of almost 20 types, like, Brick pavers, Bluestone pavers, Flagstone pavers and so on. Although Bluestone may not be in a geology dictionary, it can be best described as a dense volcanic rock that most Australians consider.

This is just a name given to the stone which is derived from Basalt. It is of black to blue color. As there are various types of basalt so technically speaking, it’s easier to use the generic name – bluestone. Here’s why bluestone pavers in Sydney is very much in use.

Let us see what makes bluestone pavers so advantageous:

  • It is tough and an excellent wear and tears resistant.
  • It is used for structural jobs as it has a high comprehensive strength.
  • The legendary toughness makes it durable, making it perfect for building and landscaping usage.
  • It has a high density.
  • It has high decorative quality.
  • It is very versatile in usage.
  • The dark color and variety of surface treatments give options for extensive uses.
  • These stones have a great slip and are scratch proof.
  • It is stylish and the cosmopolitan look is attractive.
  • As it is a form of a sandstone, it is sometimes used to fabricate beautiful and viable driveways.
  • Its beauty is in different sizes and shapes because it can be pounded into gravel, made in huge slabs or distinct tile patterns.
  • The color commences from royal blue, but due to constant sunlight exposure color fades and ultimately becomes light grey.
  • It can be easily mixed with other paving materials for enhancement of its beauty.

Their cost varies with the varying thickness and the usage of diverse kinds of pavers. Thermal pavers in comparison to irregular pavers are costlier. Overall they are so priceless that counterfeits are being sold. So, care must be taken to purchase it from authenticating outlets or companies. To be sure of its authenticity, one can approach bluestone pavers in Sydney to get the best quality stone. Bluestone pavers can pinch your pocket, but its look and elegancy is worth every penny you spent on them.

Mostly the suppliers of bluestone source from two quarries, which are as under:

  1. Graphite – They are blue colored, with sufficient ‘cat’s paw,’ i.e., fissures and vesicles. They are similar in characteristic to Victorian bluestone.
  2. Carbon – This is almost like graphite, with the only difference being in color toning which is charcoal grey having small micro holes and usually its ‘cat’s paw’ is lesser than graphite.

There is a whole variety of product line to choose from available in the market. A few of them are: Harkaway bluestone, bluestone flagstone, bluestone pool coping, natural edged bluestone stepping stones, Surface finish bluestone, Indian blue river bluestone, Basalt cobblestone, Ashlar bluestone, Finely honed bluestone and many more.

They have a timeless appeal due to their design trends transcend with color, everlasting strength and beautiful texture and looks.