Engineered stones

Engineered stones are human-made composite usually made of crushed quartz, binders, and resins. Since the work of the engineered stones is made from real quartz, they are durable. They are also easy to maintain, and this makes them favourable for families.

What are the disadvantages of engineered stone?

Some of the disadvantages of engineered stone include; it can be expensive. This is because the material that makes is human-made online the natural. The colour is also uniform; this is losing the variation that occurs in nature. The stone may even have visible seams.


The advantages of the engineered stone outweigh its disadvantages. Because the material used in creating the product, for instance, quartz and marble make the countertops to highly durable as well as strong. Engineered stones are easy to install, have free maintenance, and easy to clean the countertops. The stone is typically a quarter inch think this makes it easy to install on the current countertops.

Since the countertops are long-lasting, they are scratch and heat resistant. However, for the sake of your safety, you should avoid putting a hot substance on the counter directly. This is because the countertops are stain-resistant, and this makes them family-friendly. Like already mentioned, the engineered stone is non-porous. Thus, bacterial will not find a place to grow. It is because of this that you will not need to reseal the product hence reducing the maintenance required.

While selecting colors, it may not be an easy task because of the many varieties available to choose from. You are likely to come across many types of fashions than the currently available non-engineered products. Some of them include earth brown Cambrian black and many others.

Some of the present colors include beige, peach, red, maroon, purple, sky blue, white, yellow, orange, grey, black, navy blue, brown, and many others the colors are being introduced often. There are also new shades of colors that include mulberry, lavender, and magenta. With the many selections, you can have endless possibilities of designs.

Even though engineered stone is mostly associated with kitchen countertops, the material also has many different uses because of its durability. For instance, in bathrooms, the product is excellent for vanities. Its stain resistance aspect means that you should not worry about water getting in and staining the product. This is because the durability of the stone allows it to be used in flooring.

Even though the engineered stone has only been available for three-decade, it has already become an incredibly popular product for different purposes. Most people refer to the brand itself rather than the product; therefore, if you are looking forward to engineered stone worktops, the versatility and selection of colours of the product will make it perfect in any home.

Overall, before settling on the use of engineered stones in Sydney, it is ideal to consider the progression of all advice from experts. They will guide you on the colors as well as designs that will be fit for your home. Always remember a small mess may ruin your entire design.