torch applied membrane

A torch applied waterproofing membrane can also be described as a plastomeric bituminous waterproofing membrane that happens to be polymer modified. These are high-performance systems that we are talking about over here. These systems come with a lot of natural colour slates that are reflective and provide the highest level of protection to the surface that they are covering from UV (ultraviolet). Since these membranes also have slates you get some kind of protection against light foot traffic as well. You can be sure that if you maintain these surfaces even occasionally, they will keep the covered surface looking good for years to come. 

As far as exposed flat roofs are concerned a torch applied waterproofing membrane happens to be the best possible solution. In such cases, all you need to do is lay such a membrane on the surface, and you would get great waterproofing. It helps that these systems are extremely effective in stopping leaks. At the same time, they are rather cheap as well. 

What are the advantages of these systems?      

These are reinforced systems that we are talking about over here. As such, they are highly strong too. Both these factors make sure that the possibility of the covered site being damaged is negligible.

A torch applied waterproofing membrane is rather easy to install. It also helps that these systems bond well with the substrates. They also offer great resistance to heat and provide good dimensional stability even when faced with significant tension. The degree of resistance that they offer to the likes of fatigue and puncture is equally high as well. Their tear and tensile strengths are pretty high too. They are durable products, and therefore, they are such good options for surfaces where you get light foot traffic as well as ones located in tropical climates such as Australia. 

Where are these systems used?

A torch applied waterproofing membrane can be used on a wide variety of surfaces. Apart from the flat roofs, you can also use these products on the likes of decks, planter boxes, balconies, and below ground as well. These products are normally made from bitumen and different viscous liquids. Bitumen is the key component over here. It is a hydrocarbon that is made from crude oil. It is the presence of bitumen that makes sure that the product is not harmful to the environment.

More on the importance of bitumen in these systems

It is also the bitumen that makes sure that the applied waterproofing membrane offers such a high degree of resistance against water. Bitumen also imbues these products with several of the unique qualities that they possess. It is for these qualities that the qualified waterproofing contractors in Australia prefer to work with these products. They know they can rely on the same. Yet another benefit of these products is that you can use them in both domestic and commercial waterproofing work. 


There are two main kinds of products in this case – APP or atactic polypropylene plastic modified asphalt and SBS or styrene butadiene styrene.