Richmond vinyl plank flooring

There are numerous reasons why renovations are always considered one of the tiring projects that a person can undertake. Taking care of the nitty-gritty of the project stands crucial in a flawless completion of the task. Right from decision making to choosing the professional renovators, selecting the right materials, and keeping up the theme of the renovation is a huge challenge. Another crucial aspect is the flooring.

Of the entire house renovation, a bathroom renovation is the most challenging one, because there is no scope of trying and whatever is to be done has to be done at a go. Being the availability of lesser space as compared to the other parts of the house, bathroom renovations in Richmond, need special care and attention. The flooring has to be perfect in order to make sure that there is no water stagnation, offer enough friction, and ensure the bathroom does not look dark.

A rise in the Demand for Vinyl Plank Flooring

The modern world is witnessing a shift in the choice of bathroom flooring options. There are people who love giving their bathroom a designer look with the traditional tiles and stones, there are other segments of people who prefer Richmond vinyl plank flooring. In fact, the numbers are at a rise and the house owners seem quite happy with the new variant.

However, according to the professional renovators catering to bathroom renovations in Richmond, there are few important things that need to be considered when it comes to choosing the vinyl plank as flooring. These are—

  • Checking of the Sublayers for Moisture Content

It should be always kept in mind that any type of flooring should be done when the sublayer is dry. Since bathroom renovations are often carried out to address the issue at times; therefore, it is mandatory to make sure that the place where the vinyl flooring is to be done has the sublayers dry. This will maximise the bonding and ascertain durability.

  • Taking Care of the Surface

As a matter of fact, the surface of the vinyl plank is soft and hence, prone to scratches. While choosing vinyl plank flooring for bathroom renovations in Richmond, it is important to have the right assessment of all the accessories that are going to be put up in the bathroom. If required expert suggestion on this can be taken.

  • Always Keep the Surface Dry

The slope of the bathroom floor should be such that it does not allow water to remain on the surface. Therefore, in order to increase the durability of the Richmond vinyl plank flooring, it is always recommended to wipe the floor so that it dries up quickly. Also, it does not leave any watermarks on the surface.

  • Refrain from Using the Surface for Minimum 2 Days

Its recommended to not use the surface for at least two days after installation. This is because the glued down surface would take time to set and using and splashing water immediately would lead the surface to come up.


Vinyl plank flooring is sophisticated, decent, and undoubtedly adds beauty to the place. It is therefore suggested to have the right material and the best person doing the renovation.