For all adventure freaks, it is mandatory to know all adventure places that also include Adventure Park in India. And people mostly prefer such parks when with family or with friends. However, Rishikesh-Haridwar, Leh Ladakh, Manali, Kerala, Tarkarli, Andaman Islands, Goa, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, etc. are the best adventure places in India where a lot of adventure activities are conducted every year while few of the activities are arranged as per the season.

Della Adventure Park 

Della Adventure is known as India’s Largest Extreme Adventure Park near Pune which is situated in Lonavala. The park has created an adventure zone offering adventure lovers complete adventure packages that will make your mind and soul completely detox while offering unique services for both young as well as adults. Here you will find the newest and advanced adventure activities in India like Ground Challenge, Vertical Rope Challenge, Roller Zorbing, Sky Cycling, Swoop Swing, ATV Rides, Della Gyro, Mountain Cycle, Shooting Range, Ball Fighting and more on. Della Adventure Park would prove to be the ultimate destination for your delightful experience. Because the park will have a set of extreme adventure activities like Dirt Bikes, Flying Fox, Paintball, Buggy Ride, Swoop Swing, ATVs, and more. The park is also considered as the best adventure park near Mumbai.

Kerala Adventure

Kerala has been known for its exotic serenity that appeals to adventure enthusiasts to get engaged in thrilling activities. It is this place where you will be enjoying the beauty of forests while doing bamboo rafting and would be listening to the sweet medley of the birds. So, with an adventure, you would get a good chance to enjoy the natural beauty. The second adventure activity includes Canoeing and Kayaking that are available in different varieties. Also, Kerala is known for Mountain Climbing, Trekking, Treadmill Workout that will make you feel engaged and adventurous every moment while you are doing it. However, Wildlife Safari is another facet of adventure activities of this place. Also, you can enjoy Scuba Diving, Biking, Sea Surfing, and more.

Rishikesh Adventure 

Yes! This is another great place for adventure activities in India. Plan to visit Rishikesh to take an adventure trip with your family. Here, people of various ages do visit this place and enjoy adventure activities. If you are an adventure freak then, Rishikesh adventure offers you a big list of activities such as Jumaring, Waterfall trekking, Zorbing, Wildlife Safari, Paintball, Beach Volleyball, and much more on the list. However, you can also think of opting for trekking, nature walk, Parasailing, Body Surfing, etc. If you are planning to visit this place in the initial days of monsoon then the huge area of Ganga River will bring a different level of excitement for you especially in the river rafting scene and the experience will be unforgettable for you and for all.

Amid the big list of adventure places, these are the three mentioned places in India that call a lot of adventure freaks and offer a lot of fun and enjoyment.