marble slabs Sydney

Did you know that very few rocks have as many uses as marbles? It is not only used as a beautifying agent in architecture and sculpture, but marble is also used in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. Due to its optical properties, it is used in the cosmetic, paint, and paper industries. Marble has many unique properties, which is why it has become a valuable rock over the years.

Many uses of Marbles

Nowadays, marble slabs in Sydney are integral for sculpture, but they have become an inseparable rock to be used within the building. The high usage of marble is primarily due to its attractiveness, durability, and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Let us now have a look at some of the multiple uses of marble slabs in Sydney.

Floors made of Marble

Marble flooring is quite common, and it has been in vogue for centuries together. In Europe and America, to have a marble floor is a sign of wealth and elegance. The use of marble floors lends a degree of sophistication to the otherwise drab looking home or a business area. The most commonly used marble for floors is a white marble with grey or black veins that randomly trace through the marble.

Marble Stairs

Have you wondered how a flight of stairs made with marble slabs in Sydney look would? It will undoubtedly look fabulous, wherein every inch of it will exuberate luxury and elegance. Apart from the royal look that marble stairs would give to your homes, at the same time, it is more durable than wood and requires less maintenance. Marble stairs are an epitome of beauty and strength, and if you have marble stairs at home, you can significantly cut down your cleaning time.

Walls made with Marble

Walls made with marble are indeed a sign of royalty. The best thing about marble walls is that they might be marble slabs of Sydney that have retained their natural form while exuberating their uninterrupted splendour. They may also be cut into squares like the ones required for floors. The choice is yours. If you want to give your home a rustic look, you might use marbles in their natural forms, or for a sophisticated look, marble slabs cut into equal shaped squares may be used. However, marble walls may be susceptible to crayons used by children, but on the whole, they are easy to clean.

Counters and Sinks

Over the years, marble counters have gained popularity among homeowners. It gives an old-world charm to your kitchen and is a practical addition to your home. The good thing about marble counters is that they can easily take all the heat and knife marks without showing much damage.

On the other hand, marble sinks are also a practical addition to a kitchen or bathroom because they do not erode quickly even after constant usage.

Last and not least, when you decide on using marble slabs, try to use high-quality marbles to reap all its benefits.