roof safety harness in sydney

For improving the convenience and safety level you must invest money in buying roof brackets. If you are spending more time on the roof or if the roof is very steep then the experts recommend you to buy roof safety harness. In this article let us discuss some tips for buying the best roof safety harness and also some useful safety tips. 

Climbing the roof safely is the first important thing. Use a roof access ladder for climbing the roof if you do not have to buy a new ladder or rent a ladder. The height of the ladder must be a minimum of 3 ft. Aluminium ladder is the preferred option for most people because of its lightweight. You can also use the ladder made up of fibreglass. It will protect you from accidental electrocution. The ladder must be fixed on the ground and it must be even. If the surface is not even then use plywood blocks to even the surface. Use a rope to tie the top of the ladder. It will protect the sliding of the ladder. 

You should be very careful when you are moving from the ladder to the roof or vice versa. For low pitched roofs you can use roof brackets but if you are working on a steep roof or big jobs then it is better to use a roof safety harness and roof rope. 

Fastening of roof safety harness:

The harness must be strapped based on the manufacturer’s instructions. For a comfortable fit, the straps must be tight. Before climbing check all the buckles. The roof anchors must be fastened to the peak based on the manufacturer’s instructions. Lag screws must be tightened using a wrench. The safety rope must be clipped to the safety anchor. The lanyard of the safety rope must be clipped to the D-ring. When you move on the roof the lanyard must be repositioned. 

Fasten the roof anchor to a solid wood such as ridge beam, truss or rafter. Do not fasten the roof anchor to the plywoods. The safety harness is available in different models so before using read the manufacturer’s instructions and the product manual carefully. If you find that the lanyards and harness are loosely stitched then never use that harness. If possible return it to the manufacturer. If you are not comfortable to adjust the harness bucket. Place the anchor near your work area. The distance between you and the safety anchor should be less than 4 ft. Relocate the anchor when you move. If needed you can also use two or more anchors. 

The roof safety harness is one of the important parts of the fall arrest system. Some of the other parts of the safety harness fall arrest system are lanyard, rope grab, harness, roof anchor and rope. They work together and protect you from fall. The roof harness system is a little expensive but they can be used for many years.

Some of the other tools you require for the project are tare wrench set, tape measure, safety glasses, roof harness, cat’s paw, cordless drill, hammer, pry bar, and extendable ladder.