A dramatic rise in the total number of vehicles that are detected as unregistered because the motorists are actually confused about what procedure to be followed and how to get a pink slip. A pink slip is also called an E-Safety check and is needed for the vehicles that are at least 5 years old since they were first brought and had been running on the roads. To be sure whether you require an Artarmon pink slip, you need to consider your rego papers, and you will find after checking the bill date whether you require an inspection in order to get the pink slip or not.

During the inspection process, the areas that are checked in your vehicles are actually to ensure whether your car is safe to run on roads or it needs any sort of repair or replacements in the worst case. These areas include the quality of your tyres, wear and tear happening to them by constant friction caused by on-road time, working condition of the electrics like headlight, interior light, blinkers, and dash lights, and the overall performance of the vehicle. In addition to this, the performance and functionality of the engine and its subparts are also taken into consideration. Also, the condition of the brakes, suspension, assembly integrity, state of the seatbelts, engine driveline oil leaks, and the overall operating system has been tested and checked for optimum quality measures.

According to new orders, you can get the inspection of your vehicle done well in advance, and there is no need to wait for your papers to expire first. Talking about numbers, you can actually get your inspection done in 6 months’ advance of the date of expiry. 

It is highly recommended to get your inspection done a little early because if anything pops up, then you will have sufficient time for yourself to get things to fall in place before it is too late. For getting an inspection done, you first have to register your vehicle. The registration fees for cars are $39.00 and $24.00 for bikes. 

What happens when your vehicle fails its inspection?

Suppose your car fails the initial inspection then you will be receiving a slip failure notice issued by the inspector. However, after getting this notice, you will be getting a safe period of 14 days to let your vehicle undergo the suggested changes by the inspector to ensure your safety. After 14 days, the repaired or serviced vehicle will be inspected again by the same inspector that issued you a slip failure to notice. If your car or bike is up to the parameters guided, then you will be given a pink slip. Supposed if your vehicle is unregistered during the process of registering for an inspection, you will be allowed to drive the shortest and direct route between the garage or the inspection centre and your home. If you wish to physically renew your rego papers, then you must be required to go to the office before 4 pm. 

I hope this article will have helped you understand what exactly is a pink slip and why it is so important to have a pink slip. In addition to that, now you even know how to get one for your vehicle, which is 5 or more years old.