Hook and loop tape is one of the smartest inventions. They are the alternative to the common attachment methods. They are used for easily applicable perfect adhesion. Hook and Loop tape is most commonly known as VELCRO. The word Velcro is derived from a trademark named for the Velcro Company. Hook and loop Velcro is a piece of fabric with tiny hooks and loops. The first fabric has tiny hooks and the second has frizzy loops. When both the parts are pressed together, the hooks interlock with loops securing the pieces temporarily. They can be separated by pulling them apart. They create a ripping sound when both parts are separated.

Hook and Loop tape are easy to use, safe and affordable. These tapes are sold as rolls and reels. It is made from nylon, polyester or metal. Nylon is the most commonly used material. The hook part is always made from nylon. It is waterproof, so it can be easily used under water. Polyester is most commonly used in outdoor or in marine. It provides better UV resistance than nylon. Since nylon is always used in the hooked part, the polyester is set as a base.

It is a great adhesion variety of applications, such as cushion covers, to mount objects, shoes and is used even in space to keep the objects in place. Though it is made from the fabric it has great strength and low maintenance.   Following are the few categories of Hoop and Loop Tape.

Adhesive backed hook and loop tape – This kind has a sticky back tape and is one of the most popular and commonly used tapes. It has a sticky back, and it sticks to the surface.

Sew on, hook and loop tape – This type of tape is sewed to another object or material. It is commonly used in apparels or in industrial applications.

Back to back hook and loop tape – This tape is covered with both the sides of hooks and loops fabric. This tape can be wrapped around an object on itself for securing it more tightly.

Few Features of the Hook and Loop tape are as follows:


The strength of the tape depends upon the purpose and material of use. There are some tough fasteners that are strong enough to support a 180 pound load. The strength of the bond depends on how tightly the hooks are embedded in the loops, on how securely it is attached to the surface and the nature of the force. The flexibility of the product doesn’t weaken the strength of the tape.


They are used in a variety of applications. It is most popular in clothing and has replaced buttons and zippers. It is also useful for people with physical disabilities and elders. It is used in cars, diapers, draperies and many more.

Advantage and Disadvantage

It can be used thousands of times and affordable. It is the safest product for kids. The disadvantage of the tape is that it collects hair, dust, and dirt. The hooks get attached to the clothes and damages the fabric. So one needs to be careful.