Fire pits are the attractions additions that can dress up and enhance a backyard in no time. These are perfect at nights and can be gathering places to plan for an afternoon barbecue and more. 

When you plan to build a garden fire pit, you need to take the utmost care. This helps avoid any potential hazards. So, let’s sturdy up and learn about the dos and don’ts you need to know before you build a fire pit in your garden. 

Don’t start building without permissions

A few states have restrictions that apply to the size and the location of the garden fire pit. Homeowner associations also request the use of a certain fuel and restrict the use of others. This is to avoid any property damage due to fire hazards. 

Homeowner associations can report or even levy a fine when you do not follow the rules. This applies to build a fire pit Newcastle. 

Do choose the right location

When you are planning to build a fire pit Newcastle, space where you build it needs to provide enough room for changes. As per most of the local laws, the ideal size of a fire pit is about 36 – 44 inches wide. This allows more people to sit around it.

A garden fire pit can have a height of 12-14 inches, measured from the base. If you want people to sit on the pit’s edge, you can increase the height of the walls to 18 or 20 inches. 

Don’t place the fire pits away from other residences or property lines

You can install a fire pit Newcastle in an open area but make sure that it is at a distance of 15 feet from bushes or sheds. Homeowners need to consider the wind direction too before choosing the location to build one. 

Place the fire pit away from the doors and windows. This way, you can sure that the smoke from the fire pit does not enter your house. 

Don’t use flammable or water-retaining materials 

A fire pit has an inner wall and an outer wall. Decorative rocks are also used in the center to give it an appealing look. But, make sure you choose heat resistant materials when building a garden fire pit. The ideal materials you can use are crushed stone or flagstone. Do not use flammable materials in any part of the fire pit.  

Do use a steel ring 

When building a fire pit Newcastlemake sure to use a steel fire ring to line the inner wall. These rings are easily available online. Steel rings will keep the heat away and protect the outer walls from crumbling or dehydrating.

The use of a steel ring in your garden fire pit can increase its longevity as well. 

Do get some safety gear

Every home as fire safety gear, but if you do not have, it is time you get one. Before you build a fire pit Newcastle, invest in a good fire blanket and a fire extinguisher. 

Follow the above-mentioned dos and don’ts to construct a fire pit in your garden without any hassles. Make sure to contact the experts for a professional and a safe outcome.