semi framed shower screen

Are you tired of looking at your dull and outdated bathroom? Do you wish to modify it in a way that completely transforms the look of the bathroom? Well, this is the time you invest in a semi-framed shower screen for the shower of your bathroom. These screens not only enhance the visual appeal of the bathroom but also add significant value to your home which will help you fetch a high amount of money when you plan to resell the home. These types of shower screens offer an elegant and sleek finish. The use of glass is increasing day by day in today’s world and barely any home will not have any piece of furniture utilizing the glass. With that, the idea of semi-framed screens will look like something that goes with the trends but is still unique. Here are a few benefits of these screens for your home. 


The foremost benefit of a semi-frameless shower screen installation is that it offers durability in the long run. Most homeowners, these days, look forward to investing in pieces of furniture that will last quite a long time and eliminate the need for repairs or replacement for the long term. With that, these screens emerge out as the most favourable option for your home and will help you save money. Made with precision, these glass shower screens are durable and ensure longevity even when you use them regularly. On the contrary, you will not get much value for your money when you plan to invest in traditionally styled screens that will neither fetch value nor enhance the beauty of the bathroom. 

Easy cleaning 

Gone is the time when people used shower curtains. Today, most people prefer installing a semi-frameless shower screen sliding door rather than investing in those traditional framed styles that ruin the look of the bathroom. People in this era are mostly working and barely have time to look after their homes. In such a scenario, they look for alternatives that help them save time. As the glass used in these types of screens does not stain easily, you can wipe them off with a cloth and glass cleaner that would simplify your work further. As they provide access to the whole glass pane, these screens are pretty much easier to clean. 


Does your bathroom lack proper ventilation and gives you all a dark space? Is lighting and ventilation that you seek in your bathroom? Not every homeowner is of the perspective that artificial lighting is enough for the bathroom space. Some homeowners prefer lighting the other way and want natural light in their bathrooms. Well, a semi-frameless sliding shower screen does not obstruct natural light and allows it to flow through the bathroom. If you are having curtains in your modern bathroom and you are experiencing issues with the lighting in that space, you must opt for these screens without a doubt. Anyone would be more than happy when they have shower screens that allow natural light into the bathroom and eliminate the need for artificial lighting that raises the energy costs. 

Visual appeal 

Do you wish to modify the overall appearance of your bathroom? Are you planning to add that ‘X’ factor into it to take the visual appeal of the bathroom to another level? If yes, a semi-frameless shower screen in the wall-to-wall fitting is the best alternative available before you. An ordinary shower curtain cannot work wonders in a modern bathroom in comparison to a shower screen. These shower screens add an elegant touch to the bathroom design and enhance the visual appeal in a way that will give a soothing effect to your eyes. Apart from this, the frameless shower screens never leave a chance to increase the value of your property and you will have a great time dealing with the buyers who will offer high prices for your property during a resale.  


One cannot deny the fact that shower curtains are only available in the market in specified designs and sizes. You do not have many options available, and customization is simply not possible. With that, you might remain in doubt if the curtain you purchased will suit the interiors of your bathroom or not. You might be unaware of the semi-framed shower screen cost even when you choose to customize the screen according to your needs and/or requirements. If you want to work with the showers in your bathroom, you may opt for customizable shower screens. You can ask the manufacturer to design the screen according to your bathroom. The contractor will consider the design and layout of your bathroom before designing the screen. This assures you of a screen that will perfectly fit your bathroom and make it even more functional in an aesthetic way. 


Are you too busy to hardly have any time for maintaining your home? Do you have a tough time managing things that require a lot of maintenance in the long run? Well, your worries end with a semi-frameless shower screen at a price that you can afford. These shower screens do not require much maintenance and you can simply maintain them by removing the water spots & soap residue during your regular cleaning. However, you might need to replace its hardware like the brackets and hinges once in a while. 


If you are one of those people who are very specific about the hygiene of the space around you, consider installing these shower screens in your bathroom. A shower curtain or a solid plastic shower door may trap a considerable amount of dust & dirt. It might also be difficult to clean these curtains or doors efficiently. However, if you install these shower screens, you can easily see & clear off the stains or dirt present on them. 

The Bottom Line 

With so many far-fetching benefits, frameless shower screens are a worthwhile investment for your home. They offer safety inside your bathroom and are a pocket-friendly way to offer your bathroom a classic look while ensuring that the bathroom looks anew.