With new trends and designs in the market, it is now time to upgrade your bathroom with new items and make essential changes during a bathroom renovation in North Wollongong. many bathroom renovation contractors but the professional one will always update you with the latest and modern styles of bathroom. Along with style, upgrading your bathroom with the latest accessories, technology, and comfort must always be considered during bathroom renovation and improvements. 

Here we list 5 bathroom upgrade you must make during bathroom renovation to improve and match the lifestyle of North Wollongong:

  1. Toilets with Hidden Tanks- Gone are the days when you had to install toilets with so many visible components in your bathroom giving a shabby and messy look. With new styles of toilets where the tanks are not visible, you can give a classic look to your bathroom.
    This type of toilet also adds up many benefits to your bathroom experience such as saving space in your bathroom and control the flush flow to save water. 
  1. Smart Shower Technology- With technology advancement in sectors, the renovation industry has also found a path to earn the trust of their consumers by making things easier for them by introducing smart waste technology and smart showers.
    Smart waste is a shower grate technology that you must invest in as a part of the bathroom renovation. These are modern shower grates that create paths directly into the drain by concealing the soap, hair, and other visually unappealing materials.
    A new type of shower smart technology has also been introduced in the market that adopts the wave pattern of the water and controls the water pressure to save water.
  1. Choose Wall Hung Items-  Storage is an important element in your bathroom to store your bathroom essentials. But because of lots of storage cabinets and other storing furniture, your larger bathrooms look smaller and seem congested. By choosing wall-hung items like wall hung toilets or wall hung sinks will help you in saving space in your bathroom and also gives a spacious illusion making your bathroom look larger in size. 
  1. Heated Towel Rail- The primary use of heated towel rails is to warm up the towels. Besides its primary use, heated towel rail adds a luxury touch to your bathroom. Everyone loves to have a hot bath after a stressful day and a heated towel rail has the ability to warm up the room enhancing a relaxing mood to your experience. 
  1. Work on Lightings of the Bathroom- Lighting plays an important role to have an amazing bathroom experience. Choosing proper lightning will enhance your mood instantly. You must always use dimmer lights. You can install the best possible lighting around the mirror to see yourself or install a spotlight. 

With more years coming, technology and bathroom trends will enhance the bathroom experience making it more pleasant and relaxing. This was a list of new trends and technology that you must invest in to have an amazing experience and catch the pace with the modern lifestyle of North Wollongong.