Floor Brown Travertine tiles

Travertine is an attractive form of limestone, deposited by mineral springs, especially hot springs. Travertine tiles are one of the beautiful and durable tiles, perfect for our homes, the floors and walls inside the residential apartment.

These natural products are cost-effective and have an elegant appearance. Such tiles come in various colours like cream, rusty looks, with a variety of designs, thus making it easy for us to give our homes the finishing we require. These products are durable and can be used in different ways in commercial and residential areas as its non-slip texture makes it easy to grip and walk on them. Travertine tiles are very resilient against extreme temperatures. They can be easily cut and shaped in the way you want. 

Travertine tiles last over 100 years and are pet friendly. So if you want the beauty of a natural stone decorating your home, but find most of them as cost-prohibitive, you should consider these tiles. This stone is still acknowledged as a luxury option and is much more cost-friendly than marble, granite, or any other building material.

Travertine tiles can be availed in various shades and colours which is very advantageous. An individual can choose from white, gold, and rusty, red or from tan, brown and beige, etc. or you can pick an amalgamation of various colours, to give your home the perfect look. These tiles can be honed, tumbled, polished, even brushed and textured. The sheer flexibility of this commodity makes it one of the best construction and interior design material.

Travertine tiles maintain a timeless beauty which is a rare feature when compared to other stones. So the classic beauty and image of uniqueness you want to maintain or the influence of Roman temples and monuments can go around for a long period as per your wishes. 

Due to their hard texture, as mentioned earlier, they can withstand not only high temperatures but heavy foot traffic as well. If the tiles are perfectly sealed, they can also stand to be virtually stainless and waterproof. They have a low and easy maintenance plan, such as regular sealing, often sweeping, and wiping the spills right away will never allow the tiles to get cracked, scratched or stained. Try not to use acidic or alkaline cleaning products to limit damages. The easy to clean tiles can elevate the overall beauty of your house.

So, you are quite benefited if you befriended with our travertine tiles, because they come with so many advantages. The sheer diversity in terms of use of the product makes it a popular building material. The product is cost-effective and can complement the design, style, and decor of any residential or commercial space. Moreover, the aspect of cleaning these substances is very easy. All you need to do is use a wet mop along with a cleaning solution to keep it sparkling.

Be sure to get in touch with professional tile experts to know more about the various advantages of travertine tiles before making the final decision of purchase.