parker hydraulic pumps


In the realm of industrial machinery and mobile equipment, hydraulic pumps are the driving force behind many essential operations. A leader in motion and control technologies, Parker hydraulic pumps offers a wide array of pumps designed to cater to diverse applications. In this blog post, find different types of Parker hydraulic pumps, highlighting their unique features and advantages that contribute to the efficiency and reliability of hydraulic systems.

The Versatility of Parker Hydraulic Pumps

Parker’s hydraulic pumps are celebrated for their cutting-edge technology, performance optimization, and adaptability across various industries. Let’s delve into some of the prominent types and their specific advantages:

Axial Piston Pumps

Axial piston pumps are known for their high power density and efficiency. These pumps consist of a series of pistons arranged in a circular pattern within a cylinder block. Parker’s axial piston pumps excel in applications that demand precision, high pressure, and variable displacement capabilities. Industries such as construction, mining, and agriculture benefit from the reliability and responsiveness of these pumps.

Bent-Axis Piston Pumps

Bent-axis piston pumps are characterized by their compact design and exceptional power-to-size ratio. The bent-axis arrangement allows for optimized force distribution and efficient fluid flow. Parker’s bent-axis piston pumps find their place in applications like industrial machinery, material handling, and forestry equipment, where space and performance are critical considerations.

External Gear Pumps

External gear pumps are simple, cost-effective solutions that provide consistent hydraulic flow. These pumps consist of two interlocking gears that generate pressure and flow by meshing together. Parker’s external gear pumps are valued for their compactness and versatility, making them suitable for various applications, including automotive transmissions, lubrication systems, and hydraulic power units.

Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps

Fixed displacement vane pumps are known for their quiet operation and reliable performance. Vane pumps feature retractable vanes that slide in and out to create chambers for fluid movement. Parker’s fixed displacement vane pumps are commonly used in industrial applications such as machine tools, injection molding, and power units.

Radial Piston Pumps

Radial piston pumps offer high-pressure capabilities and efficient fluid delivery. These pumps feature multiple pistons arranged radially around a central shaft. Parker’s radial piston pumps are employed in demanding applications like metal forming, hydraulic presses, and die casting machinery, where precision and power are paramount.

Variable Displacement Piston Pumps

Variable displacement piston pumps offer the flexibility of adjusting the output flow to match the system’s requirements. These pumps are designed to vary the displacement of the pistons, allowing for precise control over the hydraulic output. Parker’s variable displacement piston pumps are widely used in applications where demand-based flow control is essential, such as construction equipment, material handling systems, and mobile machinery. This adaptability not only improves energy efficiency but also enhances overall system performance and responsiveness.


Parker hydraulic pumps represent the pinnacle of fluid power technology, providing solutions that span industries and applications. Whether it’s the precision of axial piston pumps, the space-saving efficiency of bent-axis piston pumps, the simplicity of external gear pumps, or the quiet reliability of vane pumps, Parker’s offerings cater to a vast array of hydraulic needs. As industries continue to evolve, Parker Hannifin’s commitment to innovation ensures that hydraulic systems remain at the forefront of powering the machinery that drives our modern world.