Most of the time, you can classify natural stone into two general categories as per the compositions available. You have the siliceous stone or the calcareous stone. Knowing the difference between these two options is important whenever you are aiming to select the best natural stone cleaner.

The siliceous stone is mainly composed of quartz-like particles or silica. It is mainly considered to be quite durable and easy to clean with the help of mild acidic cleaning solutions. Some of the types available are slate, sandstone, granite, bluestone and brownstone. 

Another option is the calcareous stone. The main composition compound is calcium carbonate, and these stones are quite sensitive to acidic cleaning products. It will need various cleaning procedures than the siliceous stone. Some of the types available are travertine, marble, onyx and limestone. So, the cleaning solutions that will work on siliceous stones might not work for these calcareous surfaces.

The basic care and precautions:

Whenever there are accidental spillages, you are likely to ruin the look and condition of the natural stone. But, for the hard stain marks, you have cleaners in the market. But, moving on with some preventive measures beforehand so that you don’t have to use the cleaners much is also a good call to address.  

  • Under the general guidelines for both these two kinds of natural stones, you are asked to use coasters under glasses, mainly those with citrus juices or alcoholic beverages. 
  • Avoid placing the items hot on the surface, directly from the stove or out of the oven. Make sure to use mats or trivets under the hot dishes and placements under ceramic, chin, silver and some other objects that will scratch the surface.
  • Remember that for the calcareous stone, most of the common foods and drinks with acids will dull or etch the stone surface. You can try using the natural stone cleaner for clean-up, but you won’t get that old shine back. So, it is important to be very careful beforehand.

Try and avoid acidic or abrasive cleaners:

Whenever you are in the market looking for cleaners, make sure to avoid the ones which are acidic or abrasive in nature. No matter what kind of natural stone you have at home, it is vital to stay away from products that have higher acid content in them. Some of the things like scrubbing cleaners or any product that comprises abrasive ingredients must be avoided and at all costs. The materials can easily scratch the surface of stone or even remove sealant to leave it vulnerable to those permanent unwanted stains.

Moreover, you must avoid anything with a higher pH level or noted to be acidic in any way. This will include things like fruit-based natural stone cleaners or vinegar infused ones or even the use of lemon juice in the mixture. Make sure to select something with a mild ingredient or just stick with a mixture of gentle soap and water for keeping the stone clean.