You must have surely experienced a blocked drain at some point in your life. It’s not fun! If you need to do something to unblock a blocked drain in Merryland, there are probably steps you can take yourself. Follow these simple tips, and you should be able to resolve any blockage problems without the aid of the plumbing company.

Regular Flushing to Unclog a Toilet

As with most things in life, unblocking a blocked drain is more complicated than it first appears. To unclog a blocked drain, you must first turn off the water on all the drains in the house. This applies both to the main and the storm drain. All you have to do then is wait for the water to stop running in the drains and toilets, then open all the kitchen, bathroom and toilet lids and flaps. Once this is done, you can start flushing! Unfortunately, regular flushing can’t unclog a toilet because there’s no water in the drain. If your toilet is attached to the main water line, flushing too often will cause water to come back up your house. However, if your toilet is located in a separate room, then it’s possible to let the flushing continue while you wait for the clog to be removed.

Turn off the water on your toilet, sink and washing machine first

If your toilet is connected to a water heater or other hot water source, turn off the water first on all the toilets, sinks and washing machines. There are many situations where this is necessary, such as when fixing a pipe break or installing a septic system. In these situations, you shouldn’t try unblocking a toilet when the water is already on. This is because the likelihood is that you’ll just break the pipe or sewer and then have to start the process all over again. Switch off the water before you start unblocking your toilets.

Let air into your toilet tank first before you try unblocking it

When you empty your bowl, swish the excess water around so that excess water is removed from your bowl. When you’ve done this, carefully lift the toilet lid and allow air to enter the tank first. Once this has been accomplished, you can proceed with unblocking your drain.

Don’t forget about the flappers

Sometimes, the clog just isn’t materialising out of the blue. You might find that the problem is lurking in one of the other drains in the house, such as a toilet, bidet or water heater. To unclog these, you’ll have to remove the plug and do a search-and-destroy operation. This is why you should always keep an eye on the flapper when you’re unblocking a drain. If it’s stuck, you can use a tool to unclog it, such as a pipe wrench, hammer or small chisel. If this doesn’t help, you should definitely call a plumber.


When it comes to unblocking a toilet, you should do the things mentioned above before you attempt to call a professional. When choosing a professional for your blocked drain in Merrylands, ensure that they are licensed and qualified enough, so there is no chance of any sort of risk.