cheap tow truck in Sydney

Cars break down, and accidents can occur anytime. There’s no set time or pattern for these. Thus, it is vital to have the right knowledge about towing and how it is executed. Finding the right towing facility is vital for the clients to ensure the right treatment of the issue. In cities like Sydney, finding a cost-efficient towing service is essential. Before you start to find a cheap tow truck in Sydney, it is important to know the types of tow trucks available and when they’re used. 

Finding a cheap tow truck in Sydney is not easy, and you will have to understand the situation. When you know the requirement considering the situation, you will be able to make rational decisions suitable to handle the problem. Instead of searching for a cheap tow truck in Sydney, look for a specific tow truck that will ensure your issue is resolved. It will give you a solution to your problem, and you will rest assured about the effectiveness of the solution. 

 our car must be towed with safety; you need to ensure that you’re booking the right tow truck. Don’t go for the cheap tow truck in Sydney, and it is better to spend a little more on the suitable tow truck to ensure utmost safety and efficiency. 

Here’s a list of tow trucks commonly found and their use 


This is a little different than your usual cheap tow trucks seen in Sydney. This flatbed tow truck comprises a flat platform that can carry a vehicle conveniently. This extended platform or flatbed can be tilted towards the ground and extended as well. Any car can easily climb up the tilt, and once it’s mounted on a flatbed, it can be secured. Once it’s done, the flatbed can be repositioned in the previous place. 

Hook and Chain 

Most popular tow truck out there. If you’re searching for a cheap tow truck in Sydney, these hook and chain tow trucks will be common in the list. A hook will be attached to the car while chains surround the vehicle. Again the hooks are used to attach the chained vehicle with the tow truck. These are commonly used in most car breakdowns. It is convenient and a standard method of towing. Most people are aware of only hook and chain tow trucks when it comes to towing vehicles. 

Wheel lift 

Similar to hook and chain tow trucks, wheel lift allows hassle-free assistance. Instead of hooks and chains, the wheel lift has something called a yoke. It goes under the two front tires of the car and elevates it from the ground while the back tires are still on the ground. It then pulls the car easily. It is one of the cheapest tow trucks in Sydney. Wheel lift is efficient and suits most situations involving a car. 


When we discuss towing, most of the time, we think of cars. However, trucks, tempos tend to break down a lot more than we realise. It is important to have a tow truck that can pull heavy vehicles. Hook and chain trucks or wheel lifts aren’t designed to assist large vehicles.  Integrated tow trucks must be. Whenever a large vehicle has issues, your cheap tow trucks from Sydney will be of no use. Integrated tow trucks are designed to support heavy vehicles efficiently. 

Oversized towing 

These are made to tow the large scale operations. These towing vehicles can lift up an entire setup and move it from one place to another. It is important to understand that heavy and intricate setups can be difficult to handle, and they’ll be taken under proper precautions else accidents can occur. 

Boom Trucks 

These are used to tow multiple vehicles and undertake a towing project. It is different from regular towing trucks that can accommodate one vehicle at a time. These are used for large scale operations.