cheap second hand caravans for sale

These days, there are a surprising number of bed styles for cheap second hand caravans for sale. The array of words you’ve been able to hear include Iceland, set, transverse, east-west, north-south, Luton, France, cross, upward, single, double, and caravan queen bed.

These types of beds are found in all kinds of cheap second hand caravans for sale, whether it’s motorhome, caravan or fifth wheel. Some are different words for the same thing, so here is a brief overview of what all this means.

Day / Night Lounge: 

This is a rather historical term, especially for rental cars. It can be a U-shaped lounge, two side-facing lounges, or a cafe-style dinette that can then be plied down into a bed in the broadest sense. These are used because they are a saver and can be used as a second bed for a dinette when visitors come to call, still today they are seen in a lot of luxury caravans and in several smaller cheap second hand caravans for sale and motorhomes.

Luton or Cabover: 

This term refers to a bed in a C class cheap second hand caravans for sale above the driver’s seat. The word cabover is quite plain, but Luton is a little deeper. It is a part of the word “Luton bodied” and initially developed in the town of Luton that can be traced back to the UK and passenger automobiles. The advantage of a Luton bed is that it saves space and can provide a second or third bed in bigger cheap second hand caravans for sale

East-west, North-south and Transverse: 

If you ask, the criteria mentioned above are to characterize a bed in any cheap second hand caravans for sale. North-south simply refers to a bed that goes up and down, which typically doesn’t mention the direction of the bedhead. There is obviously a bed across the cheap second hand caravans for sale east-west / transverse and again no bedhead distinction. 

cheap second hand caravans for sale

Single, Double And Caravan Queen: 

Single and double are simple, but the term “caravan queen” is, of course, a somewhat misleading phrase. Those who are new to the company assume that this is a queen bed, but the keyword is the cheap second hand caravans for sale part which usually means a mattress about 1.85 m x 1.5 m (6 ft 1 in x 5 ft) in dimension.

Island Bed: 

In a north-south layout but sometimes east-west design, these are very common because they provide flexibility on either side and the ability to walk straight around the room. However, the bed is partitioned in the base and separates the bed from the other caravans.

French / Corner Bed:

The bed is normally tapered and designed because a bathroom usually fits into the opposite corner. The bed is designed like that. This is one of the perks of a French pad, a space-saving rig.

Drop Down: 

The drop-down bed was one of the major innovations in the caravan scene over the last 10 years. A drop-down bed, which works exactly as described, utilizes the air space for cheap second hand caravans for sale by lifting itself during the day and then lowering to a functional level at night.