kitchens camden

If you are planning on getting a kitchen renovation done, the biggest decision to make is what kitchen style to choose!

It can get easy if you do proper research and look out for types of kitchens that you can install in your home.

More than a kitchen is a hub for cooking, kitchen renovations In Camden are a place in the home where a family comes together and abundant memories are made. These kitchens can be completely utilitarian and functional only if you plan and style them correctly.

Below are some of the most popular types of kitchens in Camden: 

  1. Traditional Kitchens:
  • Traditional kitchens are clean and very comforting
  • Classic designs are used in order to make them timeless with the help of fresh colours
  • For a visual appeal, white tiles and paints are used 
  • Traditional kitchens mostly use glass cupboards and doors as they never go out of style
  • Many times, homeowners prefer a combination of white and dark brown woods

Key features:

  • Timeless aesthetic
  • Very comforting and lively
  • Extremely elegant and visually pleasing
  1. Contemporary Kitchens:
  • Contemporary kitchens are very commonly used in Camden
  • This concept has been highly embraced by many as it gives room for fashionable elements with a blend of new and old aestheticism
  • One can experiment with contemporary kitchens by giving it an artistic and minimalistic touch
  • These kitchens are usually free of excess detailing
  • Strong and bold colours can go very well for contemporary kitchens

Key features:

  • Artistic elements
  • Simplicity that is uniquely bold
  • Components that are minimalist
  1. Beach kitchens:
  • It is obvious from the name that beach style kitchens offer a beachy and coastal vibe
  • Shades of blue are combined thematically with seagrass to create a very cool and vacation-themed setting
  • Large glass windows are commonly used
  • Light and cool colours and fine finishes are significantly used to create a calming beach atmosphere

Key Features:

  • Coastal vibes
  • Very airy
  • Abundant sunlight
  1. Modern kitchens:
  • Modern kitchens offer sophistication
  • High-quality materials are used in order to give them a luxurious look
  • Classic and modern pieces of furniture are used

Key Features:

  • Very sophisticated
  • Uses high-quality materials
  • Timeless silhouettes
  1. Farmhouse kitchens:
  • Farmhouse kitchens are designed with a country-style flair and complementing farmhouse elements
  • These kitchens offer an intimate look
  • Woven baskets are used along with some decorative elements as a display
  • They are visually pleasing with unexpected and striking bricks accents and vibrant colours 
  • Natural woods is at the centre of this type of kitchen
  • Wooden countertops are built that offer functionality

Key Features:

  • Calming environment
  • Highly decorative
  • Uses wood a lot

So, above are the types of kitchens that people prefer in Camden. Before you start with the refurbishing of your kitchen, always keep in mind the theme and the vibe that you want your kitchen to hold. On deciding this, you can later think of the elements that match the particular vibe. 

Now, you are good to begin styling your kitchen!