squat stand

It is well known that strength and power are the two main pillars of fitness. Regular exercising promotes strong muscles and bones, additionally helping with various respiratory disorders and overall fitness. If you are physically healthy, then it will also help you to be mentally stable. We have come across several types of exercising equipment like treadmills, dumbbells, squat stands, bike exercises, etc. One of the most challenging and heaviest exercises can be performed using a squat stand to build strength and muscles. If you are thinking of buying a squat stand, you can have a full-body workout just with a stand, bench, and few weights. 

There are various exercises you can perform using a squat stand, in fact you can build a whole workout routine with it. 

Back Squats

Back squats are your everyday, traditional squats where you train with weights on your shoulders. In this case, your lower shoulder carries the weight of the barbell settling the weight over your back chain. Back squats are one of the most versatile workouts because they focus on so many areas like your lower back and your core, along with your glutes and hamstrings. 

Bicep Curls

Bicep curls are focused on building your upper arm muscles, in fact, they are one of the best and easiest exercises for gaining biceps. If you use barbells you can easily carry a greater amount of weight when you perform bicep curls, hence these are excellent to build up your muscles.


Dips can be easily performed using the squat stand and it is great for your core strength and you can also work the muscles on your chest, arms, forearms, and wrists.  

Barbell Rows

If you want to focus on your upper back, barbell rows are an excellent workout you can perform with squat stands easily. You can work on your biceps and triceps as well if you vary your grip the right way. Additionally, you can try adding dumbbells to this routine which can help you balance out dissymmetry.

Flat Bench Press

Focusing on your pecs and triceps becomes quite easy with the flat bench press workout, adding more muscle and strength to these areas.  You can try fixing the spotter bars on your squat stand so they reach your chest level. Make sure that you can move the bars comfortably, you can do this by fixing the bar rests at a lower level.

Box Squats

Building up your back muscle strength becomes simpler with Box squats. You can push the weight backwards on squat stands, and this way you can get a better form and squat position. 

Hip Lifts

Squat stands are excellent for hip lifts as well. Squat with the weight bench behind you, make sure the edge of the bench is near your mid-back. Focus on your knees and lift up while squeezing your glutes. This is one of the most versatile workouts if you want to target your glutes as well as your hamstrings. What’s more, it also helps with lower back strength. 

Shoulder Press

While you train, weight benches offer the required support because they are designed to do so. These benches are great at helping you maintain your body’s posture too. The upper body tends to work harder with the help of shoulder press on a weight bench. 

Performing these squats will surely strengthen your core, will reduce the risk of injury, and moreover, it can be done anywhere you need. It also boosts your stamina and helps you with motivation.