Bathroom Vanity Units sydney

Bathroom vanity units consist of the kitchen sink, storage cabinets, and several shelves surrounding it. It is a fixed unit that holds the sink and offers storage for other bathroom items. Above the vanity, there lies a mirrored cabinet or a mirror at the eye level.

Here are the Top 3 Types Of Bathroom Vanity Units

Several types of bathroom vanity units are available, but they are broadly classified into three main categories. So before proceeding with a manufacturer offering discount bathroom supplies in Sydney, learn the three types in detail.

1. Shelf vanity

This is the most common of all the bathroom vanity units. To install such a vanity, all you need is a kitchen sink and a shelf under that. The shelf vanity remains on the floor. The upper portion is meant for the sink, storing soap and acts as the workstation. The bottom part is generally open, and you can keep baskets and towels here. Shelf vanity is placed under or at the side of a mirror.  

2. Floating vanity

Wall-mounted or floating vanities are affixed to the wall directly. The popularity of this style has increased in the recent past as they offer an edgy, modern, and sleek look to your bathroom. They are incredibly lightweight and eye-catching pieces. There also remains a gap between the bottom unit and your floor, thereby making the unit easy to clean.

A floating vanity can be either of cabinet-type or shelf type or a combination of both the classes. Wall-mounted cabinets come with a sink and countertop, and drawers are arranged below to add more storage.  

3. Standing cabinet-style

To the majority of the homeowners, the style of vanity that comes in mind first is the standing cabinet style vanity. They are the most common and traditional style vanities available for the bathroom. Almost all kinds of bathroom sink work well with this type of vanity. It has a furniture-like appearance and is mounted over both the wall and the floor. 

Cabinet-style vanities are either very narrow or wide enough to hold a spacious countertop. In other words, the cabinet helps in concealing the water supply pipes and the drainpipes that are connected to the sink and faucet.  

The entire above-mentioned bathroom vanity types are readily available with dealers of discount bathroom supplies Sydney. 

Materials used in bathroom vanity

Bathroom vanity units are made of several types of materials. Wood is often used to construct bathroom vanities. Such units are either made of furniture-quality or finished wood. The place that differs is the countertop. The top surface of the vanity is generally made of-

  1. Wood– used in shelf-type vanity units
  2. Tile– used to offer a vast array of finishes, colours, and designs
  3. Porcelain– available only in white colour
  4. Laminate– looks almost like quartz and stone material
  5. Quartz– it requires low-maintenance and is incredibly durable
  6. Stone– it is the most dependable material used for constructing vanity units

The above discussion on bathroom vanity units was no doubt helpful for homeowners’ planning a bathroom renovation. To make sure you end up buying the best quality bathroom vanity contact will sellers offering discount bathroom supplies in Sydney.