Tummy Tuck: Pros & Cons

Even if you have had several pregnancies or significant weight swings that have left you with an unsightly belly apron, a flat and firm stomach tuck is still possible. Diets and workouts may not achieve this compact and firm stomach; nevertheless, there is one effective remedy to the issue, which we call a tummy tuck surgery in layman’s words and abdominoplasty in medical language.

Abdominoplasty may flatten the stomach by removing extra fat and skin from the lower abdomen, strengthening and suturing the abdominal muscles together. Patients may notice fewer stretch marks after the operation assuming they were present on the lower portion of the stomach – the extra skin removed during the procedure.

Without further ado, let us look at the pros and cons of tummy tuck surgery in Mumbai.

Pros of tummy tuck surgery

  • A Better-Contoured Tummy

If you are unhappy because of a belly apron or a large stomach, a tummy tuck is a wonderful choice for you. A tight and flat stomach may make you appear years younger and boost your self-esteem. 

Many patients report that their quality of life has improved because of the operation. They are more engaged in social interaction, and their personal and professional life may be enhanced as a result. After removing the belly apron, finding clothing that fits properly becomes much simpler, and the patient’s overall appearance may change dramatically due to the stomach contouring.

  • It Repairs Weak or Separated Abdominal Muscles.

A protruding belly, often known as a “pooch,” maybe corrected tummy tuck surgery.

  • Improved Self-Confidence

It enhances the psychological well-being of patients who are unhappy with their present physical appearance.

  • Improvement in Medical Issues

You may notice a difference in medical conditions, including urine incontinence and lower back discomfort.

Cons of tummy tuck surgery

  • You Will Have A Scar On The Lower Part Of The Tummy.

Most of the time, the scar from a tummy tuck operation may be readily hidden with a pair of pants or a swimsuit. Patients who have had an extended tummy tuck may have a long scar that is more difficult to conceal. Patients should be aware that scars vary in length based on the quantity of tissue removed. This will help them establish realistic expectations for the surgery. In addition, the scars fade with time, although they never fully vanish. Most patients see this as a modest fee to pay in exchange for such fantastic outcomes.

  • You Need To Take Time Off From Work.

Even though it just treats the abdominal region, tummy tuck surgery is a complicated procedure that may reshape the entire appearance of the body. However, the recuperation period is more difficult compared to other cosmetic surgery operations, such as liposuction. After a tummy tuck, patients should be able to take at least two weeks off work to relax and recuperate.

  • Results Take Time. 

Because of the swelling, you may not see your ultimate result for many months.

  • The Expense Of A Stomach Tuck Is Seldom Covered By Insurance.

The tummy tuck surgery demands financial resources. In addition, sometimes, this procedure is not covered by insurance. Check the complete cost of tummy tuck in Mumbai before planning surgery. 

Before weighing the pros and cons of tummy tuck surgery in Mumbai, be sure you are a good candidate for the surgery. Schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon if you desire a tighter, flatter stomach and a more defined abdominal region.