aluminium bifold doors

Aluminium bifold doors have revolutionised doors, both inside and out. They look like ordinary doors, but they can be swung in 90-degree angles, opening almost as wide as the walls. Aluminium bifold doors have many advantages. They are light and robust, so they save time and energy. Because they are thin, they let more daylight in. They can also be opened from either side, so people don’t have to climb over them.          

Aluminium bifold doors are the most popular choices for homeowners because of their versatility, security, and performance. Aluminium bifold doors are the number one choice for energy efficiency, durability, and weather resistance. A bifold door is a large set of hinged in the centre and fold to the side instead of swinging outward to open. The bifold door is a recent innovation but has been a popular choice in European countries for decades. 

Aluminium bifold doors have many benefits over traditional doors, including:

  • Versatility: Aluminium bifold doors come in a variety of designs and sizes and can be customised to fit the architecture of your home.
  • Security: The bifold door’s multipoint locking mechanisms feature a three-point locking system, securing the door and keeping it in place.
  • Energy Efficiency: The bifold door’s design and mechanism allow air to flow freely in and out, keeping your home’s temperature constant.
  • Maintenance: The aluminium bifold door’s low-maintenance design means it requires no painting or staining and will last for years.
  • Weather Resistance: The bifold door’s quality construction makes it perfect for outdoor use and withstands any weather.
  • Performance: The bifold door’s gliding mechanism allows for smooth opening and closing and will ensure years of smooth operation.

Some Additional Benefits

Braided aluminium bifold doors have become increasingly popular in recent years, both in domestic and commercial settings. Aluminium bifold doors have been compared to traditional timber doors (which tend to be very heavy and don’t last for as long), but modern bifold doors have come a long way and now offer many of the benefits of timber doors.

Bifold doors offer an uninterrupted view and come in various colours and finishes, such as woodgrain and textured finishes. Aluminium bifold doors are also solid and durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, and won’t warp, split or rot, as timber doors are prone to doing. Aluminium bifold doors are also very energy efficient, so they could save you up to 40% on your energy bills. These are easy to maintain and don’t require repainting. They are also very secure and come with multipoint locking systems.

Aluminium bifold doors are safe and won’t scratch or chip if bumped, as they use durable, soft, clear, toughened glass. They are bifold doors and eco-friendly, as aluminium is made from a naturally abundant element and can be recycled. Aluminium bifold doors are also easy to install and can be fitted into any type of door frame.

Aluminium bifold doors are custom made to suit requirements. They provide the elegance, security and warmth of timber doors with a low-maintenance finish.

While timber doors reach their maximum durability and strength in 50 years, aluminium doors require no maintenance to retain their finish and functionality for 60 years.