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If you’re considering a kitchen redesign, chances are you’ll want to incorporate a kitchen island into your design. Kitchen islands are a common feature in modern kitchens, but they must be correctly planned and created in order to be as useful to your house as they are attractive. Many people are unaware of the numerous possibilities accessible in a kitchen island; the amenities are virtually limitless, therefore kitchen renovations in campbelltown contractors are here to assist you in navigating these kitchen island options.

Advantages of a Kitchen Island

Finally, a well-designed kitchen island may serve several tasks while assisting with storage and workstation difficulties. Here are some of the most popular benefits of having a kitchen island:

Improved food prep workspace – 

A kitchen island with the correct features and in the right location may make food prep and cooking a breeze. With everything in close proximity to one other, a built-in sink, countertop area, or stove makes meal prep a snap, says kitchen renovations at campbelltown professional.

Workplace or informal eating – 

Kitchen islands with a bar top and chairs are ideal for grabbing a quick bite. Alternatively, they may be a helpful spot for completing schoolwork, paying bills, or reading the newspaper while dinner prep is taking place or as you wait for the oven to finish. With the new shelter in place and the growing popularity of working from home, this may become your home office as well. Check the kitchen island design quote at kitchen renovations at campbelltown.

Storage solutions that are one-of-a-kind – 

A kitchen island is usually two-sided… The private side faces the wall and cabinets, while the public side faces outward and is visible to everyone in the room (the public side). Open shelves, locked cabinets, and drawers are all storage possibilities for the kitchen island, depending on what you want to display (or keep hidden from sight). Appliances may even be incorporated into the island, giving you everything you need for dinner preparation right at your fingertips, adds kitchen renovations in campbelltown contractors.

Considerations for a Kitchen Island

Not every kitchen island improves the space in which it is placed. It may potentially be detrimental to the overall look and operation of your kitchen if not correctly planned. Here are some crucial factors to consider when deciding on a kitchen island design from kitchen renovations campbelltown designers:

Kitchen island size – 

Your kitchen island should be large enough to satisfy your demands while not being so enormous or little that it is disproportionate to the rest of the space.

Placement – 

A well-designed kitchen island will be located where it is most required, not in the heart of a busy area or in a remote corner of the kitchen. Special thought should be given to the area surrounding the entire island so that drawers, cabinets, and appliances can all open and close safely and effortlessly, says kitchen renovations in campbelltown expert.

Features – 

The features you select should be based on how you intend to utilise the area. If you want to prepare meals there, for example, a prep sink, outlets for small appliances, or a built-in mini-fridge may be high on your list of must-haves. Storage drawers, snack drawers, and even refrigerator drawers are frequently neglected features. The more common idea is to relocate your microwave from above your stovetop to your island, where it may be hidden in a drawer. Check our detailed kitchen island cost guide at kitchen renovations campbelltown.