balcony glass balustrades sydney

The balcony is an extension of your home. It is the place where family members sit and chill and observe breathtaking scenery. Balconies are generally a few feet above the ground. Hence, one must have balcony railings in Sydney to ensure safety for children and pets. Choosing the right design and material plays a crucial role in ensuring safety. Therefore, glass balustrades are the preferred choice for most homeowners.

Reasons for choosing glass balustrades

The popularity of glass balustrades is increasing by the day. The reasons for its popularity are stated below.

  • Does not obstruct the view

Most people love enjoying the view of the morning sun or the cool evening breeze. But what about your little ones and your four-legged friends? Ordinary railings block their view, and they tend to climb up the railings to get a better view. It can be quite dangerous.

Glass balustrades offer a clear view of the scenery on the other side. So, children and pets do not feel the need to climb over the railing and jeopardize their lives. Since glass panels have fewer gaps between them, there is minimal risk of getting a foot stuck in between them, the chance of which is quite high among wooden or iron bars.

  • Many varieties

You would want a material that is strong and sturdy for your balcony railings. Hence, you would think that glass is at the bottom of the list of materials to be used for a balcony balustrade. However, glass balustrades are available in a variety of forms including toughened glass, and tempered glass. These materials are shatterproof and provide the level of safety that is required in a balcony.

Glass is not a subject to termite infestation. Hence, it will remain intact, unlike bars and rods made of timber. Neither will it break down like iron rods due to rust and corrosion.

  • Aesthetic appeal

The glass balcony balustrades in Sydney are very versatile and can complement any balcony. Due to its unobtrusive nature, the glass panels will not detract from the design of your balcony. Other types of balustrades comprise of bars and rods that cast shadows across spaces during the dark. It is not the case with glass balustrades.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning glass may seem like a daily chore. However, spraying a mild solvent and wiping it with a clean cloth is much easier than cleaning wrought iron, stainless steel, timber, or wire balusters. Getting rid of dirt and fingerprints off of such balusters may be a real challenge, whereas glass requires just one wipe.

  • Cost-effective

Since glass balustrades have an exquisite look, people assume that such balustrades would be very expensive. However, it is not the case. The total cost of the glass balustrade system, including the design and installation, is well within a homeowner’s price range.

As can be seen, there are multiple reasons for choosing glass balustrades over any other type of material. You can use the assistance of a reputed balustrade design service to design the type of balustrades that compliment your home. They will choose the best quality glass to make balustrades that stand the test of time.

So, choose wisely and stay safe!