timber floor tiles

You must have noticed that the wooden decors in the home are more famous and appreciated. The wooden flooring exudes warmth and connection with nature that helps the family members to feel cosy and grounded. 

Timber floor tiles have emerged as the most popular trend in the field of interior designing nowadays. These tiles capture the beauty of natural timber and are highly efficient and durable.

Timber flooring has existed even before the ceramic tiles and they are still meant for the interior and exterior décor of your house. 

Low maintenance

The timber tiles are highly durable and you don’t even have to spend extra on their maintenance. These tiles are easy to be cleaned and are also scratch-resistant. The look and feel of these tiles are sure to make you feel lovely and cheerful all day long.

The timber floor tiles do not even require periodical sealing or special cleaning. Using warm water with a mop should complete your task.

Wide range of colours and designs

The production of a wide range of colours and designs with the help of the 3D tile manufacturing process has helped the manufacturers to produce a wide variety of tiles. The advancement in technology has helped companies to produce variety in design and colours. 

Available in different shapes and sizes, the tiles can also be modified according to your need. Ranging from black butt to washed and natural pinewood, these tiles can be themed in any format.

You can find light to dark and modern to rustic versions of the timber tiles in the market. Along with maintaining their aesthetics, the delicate variations in the market are also maintained.

Water and scratch-resistant

The tiles are resistant to wear and tear and other damages. Tiles are easier to handle as compared to wood and provide the best vibes. The timber tiles are primarily made of ceramic and porcelain bodies and are extremely hard to wear. 

The timber tiles are even glazed to make sure that they absorb grime or water. It helps the tiles to stay safe from stains and scratches as well. Moreover, some timber tiles are used in commercial spaces and can handle high traffic.

Eco-friendly tiles

For the creation of timber tiles, there is no need to cut down the trees. The process of the creation of tiles involves the use of natural clay. The majority of manufacturers today use environment-friendly materials to manufacture the tiles. 

It prevents the family members from several allergies as well because the use of chemical materials may put your health at risk. To ensure the safety and health of your family members, you should always look for good quality products and use them.

The timber floor tiles are used to enhance the aesthetics of your home as well. These tiles make everyone feel good and also add value to your house. The worth of your property is increased when you use high-quality products. Therefore, always think of choosing the best for your home décor.