laminate flooring Sydney

Laminate flooring is extremely durable, but it is still necessary to take the steps needed to protect a laminated floor. Caring about laminate floors is easy, provided you take the proper steps to protect them against chips, dents, and scratches. Whether you use the base for regular entertainment, or your kids use it for colouring or see a vast amount of floor traffic, the laminate flooring in Sydney is regularly put to the test. 

Taking active measures to protect your laminate flooring will extend their life and keep them beautiful in the years to come. Here are some laminate flooring care tips and instructions:

  • Use furniture pads

Do you need to move your sofa? Are your kids pushing the chair back from the table regularly? If yes, your furniture could leave scuff and scratch marks with their legs. Here are some tips to protect the floor against furniture scratches:

  • To prevent furniture scratches, you need to buy some adhesive and felt from the nearest supermarket. You can then glue small pieces at the bottom of the legs of your furniture. 
  • You can also look into buying compact discs with adhesive on one side that will stick quickly to the legs of your furniture.
  • If both the options are unavailable, you can try to put small pieces of rubber or carpet. These materials are also effective enough to keep the laminate flooring in Sydney scuff and scratch-free. 

Whatever you use, regularly check whether the felt pads are in place. They might come loose and fall off, leaving your floor in danger. 

  • Plastic floor pads

If you are in an office setting and want to protect your laminate flooring from wear and scratches, you can try using protective mats under the caster chairs. This is an essential tip to remember when you are trying to care for laminate flooring. The product warranty will not cover any mechanical damage to the floor. In your home, you can try to use decorative rugs instead of plastic pads. 

  • Use area rugs

Area rugs are already great for decorating your home, but did you know that they work as a great protective tool too? If you have any high-traffic area in your house, like an entryway or hallway, you can use a runner or area rug to protect your laminate flooring in Sydney. It will add some design or colour and help to keep the floor looking good for a long. 

  • Regular care and maintenance

Besides taking preventive measures to keep your flooring scratch-free, you need to regularly care for and maintain your floor. Debris, sands, and rocks can also cause scratches on the floor. 

Last, but not least

Did you find these laminate flooring care tips too lately? There is no need to worry as you can fix minor dents and flooring scratches using DIY kits. Remember that pets also are sometimes responsible for damaging laminate flooring in Sydney. Though laminate floors can withstand normal play and wear, you need to trim pet nails regularly to avoid excess damage to the floors.