The home security screen doors provide you the proper safety and security that you can get in a properly locked door. You can even enjoy the cool breezes during the summer time as well as the fresh air. But all are not that worthy. Some can get very easily damaged by swift kicks. So it’s always better to be wise before buying one.

Security screens in Sydney are mostly marketed as home security screens but not all provide the same standard of security to everybody. They are marketed as home security but each of them is not so. Some of them fall short according to the security industry standards. The National Security Screens Association and the Australian Security Industry Association Limited has set up certain security industry standards which will be highly taken into consideration.

While differentiating between a bad home security screen doors from that of a good one, several features of the door should be considered. The most important factors among them are the locking devices that are used, the number of hinges, the mesh type, the strength of the grill and the materials used in the door frames. If you are using it for professional security purposes, the doors should definitely be made of galvanized or powdered coated steel or they should be made up of heat-tempered aluminum. This makes the door much stronger and prevents them from rust and corrosion. They should definitely have fully welded corner joins and definitely have reinforced corners.

The security screen should definitely have three or more hinges. The hinges should have fixed hinge pins and for proper protection, the hinges of the home security doors should be recessed and have stainless steel mesh. Recessing the hinges is important as it will reduce the gap between the frame and the door which is very important. The door screen should be attached to the screen frame with PAC Clamps and stainless steel screws. The mesh that is to be used is mainly 304-grade mesh or 316-grade mesh. Different grades of mesh to be used is usually a matter of argument but it is best to use either of these.

The number of rivets or clamps that are to be attached to the mesh and the door is a great thing to look for before buying them. The entire system of securing the door is a very superior process. The reputable home security manufacturers will be able to give a piece of proper construction information before purchasing it. The product specifications should definitely be looked after. The solid 7mm thick grill, welded or riveted is a great option while selecting the home security screens.

It should have a five pin cylinder or other keys which should be operated. A three-point lock makes it even more secure. It is because it is very difficult to break it or rip the door open. The overall home security system makes it a great defending barrier against any kind of intruder. It protects your valuables as well as remains necessary for personal safety.