Are you in need of extra space? Are you thinking how to make use of your sheds with mezzanine floors? Most people have a doubt whether it is possible to construct mezzanine floor in their shed. They may have less knowledge and feel confused whether to do or not. Well, if you are facing a confusion, it is best to get assistance from a mezzanine dealer. They would completely analyze your property and let you know what is possible and what is not possible.

What are the things you should study before starting the construction process?

When you want to make the entire process simple and to make complete use of your mezzanine floor, you have to focus on certain important things.

Think about the purpose of constructing the mezzanine floor. It will help in finding out the right mezzanine construction and floor plan.  Moreover, it will also help you in finding out whether you require certain extras like pallet rocking, hoists or office fit out.

What is the weight holding capacity you require?

How much will your flooring require to hold? The weight loading of the mezzanine floor is kN/m2 that is kilonewton for one square meter.  The capacity can be finalized according to the floor usage. If you have planned to use the floor for any particular storage purpose, you would know how much weight loadings are required. This way, you can calculate the total weight loadings. If you are confused on how to work on this step, you can also get in touch with a mezzanine dealer.

Here is the rough guide for mezzanine weight loadings:

Heavy storage is 9.6 kN/m2

Medium storage is 7.2 kN/m2

Light storage is 4.8 7.2 kN/m2

Office- 3.57.2 kN/m2

By finding out how much weight it is required to hold, you can easily get an idea about the mezzanine floor weight loading.

Note: The mentioned figures are rough and general guides. It is recommended to get in touch with an expert before starting to construct your mezzanine.

What is going below your flooring?

If you are aware of what to put above the floor, you should also know what process is going below the mezzanine floor. Is it an office setup? Do you need additional space for your office? When you answer these questions, you can get easily find out how many poles and where it should be added to balance the floor.

What is the size that is required for your new flooring?

When it comes to considering the size, you should carefully think about the entire business process and other important things. Consider the height, length, width, and shape of the mezzanine floor. You need to consider the purpose of using the mezzanine floor and also think whether that planned space remains suitable for your requirements.

Where to position the staircase?

It is an important addition in the mezzanine floor. It should be easily accessed. It should not take much space at the same time.