Generally speaking, shower screens are made using plastic or other synthetic polymers. Sometimes, you can opt for the glass based shower screens too, which are heavier when compared to plastic alternatives and will have a different kind of glow to it. With time, you will see a complete layer of dirt and dust, which will be settling on top of it. Therefore, it is mandatory to swipe and clean the screens from time to time and will keep the screen in its sparkling condition for long. 

Some of the reliable home cleaning experts will suggest you to use commercial cleaning items to get rid of the hard water stain marks and even that of the mineral deposits. Sometimes, if you are able to clean your Bathroom Shower Screens in Sydney from time to time, then simple DIY tricks can work wonderfully as well. Once you have used the product, you just need to spray and then wipe down shower screen for cleaning it completely.

Using some household products:

It is not always necessary for you to head towards the chemically infused commercial cleaning products. Some of the household items can do the trick pretty well. A perfect and simple combination of water with dish washing detergent can clean the screen well.

  • For that, you just need to squirt some of the premium quality dish washing detergent over the grotty screen of the shower.
  • After that, you have to use a scrubbing brush or an old cloth with bit of water for ensuring that the entire screen is clean.
  • Use the cloth or the brush in one circular motion until the entire screen has been proficiently covered.
  • Lastly, wash it off with fresh clean water, and you will end up with a sparkling clean shower screen.

Scrubbing the dirt off using vinegar and baking soda mix:

You can also clean out the glass based shower screen with the baking soda and vinegar. There are simple steps to acknowledge in this regard, as well. First of all, wet the screen by running shower. Then put baking soda in one cloth and start scrubbing the hard spots away from its surface area. When you are done scrubbing, it is time to put white vinegar in spray bottle. Spray this mixture on the screen down for getting the baking soda off the surface. Finally, rinse the left out materials with warm water and you are good to go!

Vinegar soaked technique for removing hard mineral deposits:

If you haven’t cleaned up the shower screen for a pretty long time, you will end up with hard mineral deposits on their surface region. Those deposits are hard to remove with basic swiping motion and you need something more than that.

  • For this stage, you have to dry off the screens completely. Then soak some paper towels into vinegar and then stick onto screen until you are done covering the entire area.
  • Then you have to put one more layer on top if possible for keeping the area properly soaked up.
  • Make sure to leave this mixture on the mineral deposits for at least 45 minutes. 
  • If you have enough time on hand, then you can also leave this mixture for few hours for picture perfect cleaning results in the end.
  • Once everything is done ad tested, the residue will wipe off rather easily.

Simple mixture of salt and lemon juice:

In case your bathroom shower screens sydney have metal frames on them, then you have to clean these frames separately. It is applicable for the semi-framed and fully framed options both. For those metallic frames, mix around one tablespoon of lemon juice with that of the two tablespoon of salt. Then you have to use one toothbrush for scrubbing that frame off, mainly in the corner areas. Then you have to sit for around few minutes and rinse it off with warm water.

Opt for the store brought chemicals:

Apart from these natural options, you can aim for the store brought cleaning chemicals too. However, be very sure of the chemicals you are using on the surface area. If you don’t have proper options in your hand, then things might not work out in your favour. Check out the options and invest money on the best product.