travertine polishing sydney

Marble floors are masterpieces in themselves. Imagine walking with an LV stiletto into a room with dim yellow mood lamps showing reflections on a glamorous beige marble floor! The luxurious vibe of these floors is itself a prominent reason to get marble flooring.

It is said, “You’re looking at the real marble if you can see scratches and signs of wear on it.” Marble floors are much prone to scratches and thus require timely polishing and appropriate care to retain their elegant mirror-like finish.

Don’t know what to do? Here are some useful tips for taking proper care of your marble floor.

Reasons behind dullness of your marble floor:

Besides being extremely durable, marble floors can still show a scratched or dull surface. Marble floors can lose their mirror finish due to couple of reasons, which may include:

  • Sand and dirt from shoes
  • Use of inappropriate cleaning products
  • Improper care
  • The requirement of general maintenance 

If the marble floors are losing their shine, it’s time for calling an expert and get a marble floor refinishing

Tips for proper maintenance of marble floors: 

Maintaining a marble or travertine floor is simpler than it seems. The elegant appearance of these glamorous stone-floors can be retained just by following these simple steps:

Correct stain removal techniques:

Marble is a highly porous stone. Liquids like juices, water, wine, oil, etc penetrate these stones, creating tough stains and patches over the floor. These stains require a correct removal method.

Using a damp microfiber cloth dipped in warm water and neutral detergent is an effective way of getting rid of these tough stains. The marble surface should be rinsed thoroughly after cleaning. 

Cleaning chemicals like Sancitro are used if the stains are stubborn and can’t be removed through general cleaning. 


Polishing the floors is the most appreciated method for getting a mirror-like finish of the marble floors.

Marble floor refinishing revives a worn-out stone floor and restoring its mirror-like finish. The method can also be used to give a desired look to the floor through several professional means, giving your floor look much prettier. 

Besides marble, other stones like travertine, granite, and slate also need polishing and servicing. Travertine polishing is an excellent method for restoring the glossy look of the travertine floors. Besides showing mindblowing results, the servicing is extremely economical with a cost of $1-$2 per square foot.  

Post-polishing protection:

Sealants like Sealer N and Lapicur are known for protecting marble floors for wearing out. These sealants are generally applied in three coats through a microfiber mop. The professional cleaning services include using a burnisher between the coats, which enhances the glossy look by manifolds. 

It is suggested to apply a sealant every 1-2 years to increase the life of the marble.  

Marble floors an excellent way of beautifying your house but also require proper care and timely servicing to give them a glossier look and enhancing the durability of the flooring. If your floor is losing its glossiness, contact the cleaning experts.