While it comes to choosing the right flooring, many trends come and go over the years. But there is another choice of flooring, which has actually stood the test of time and it is timber. Natural timber comes with great durability and timeless beauty that has made it a famous choice of flooring for generation after generations. Being a natural product, it also comes with different degrees of imperfections. The majority of the people feel thrilled while ripping up the carpet or dated tiles during the renovation to find out the hidden solid timber flooring. But these days, timber flooring is more popular than ever. It is mainly because of the ever-increasing options that are available including style preferences, foot traffic requirements, and different budgets.

The popular options for timber flooring in Narellan are:

  • Engineered timber: This type of flooring is a combination of real hardwood, tough surface with the core of several layers of plywood. Being durable and strong, this type of floor is less prone to gapping and splitting compared to the solid timber flooring. This type of multi-layered construction then creates a stable floor. And these timber floors can be installed over the majority of the existing subfloors without the addition of any height.
  • Solid timber: Milled from the natural hardwood, solid timber flooring of Narellan is a popular option. But being a natural material, solid timber reacts to the changes in the atmosphere such as extreme temperature and moisture. All of these things can result in the expansion and shrinking of the timber.
  • Timber like vinyl products: Since the 1970s, the vinyl floors have come a really long way. These days, these floors are available with different types of luxe finishes and these floors work as a practical and affordable alternative to the tiles or floorboards. Apart from being affordable, these floors also come with some other benefits like noise-free and moisture resistant nature, the grainy appearance and texture of natural timber, easy to install, low maintenance, highly durable and these can suit to almost any type of design trend.
  • Reclaimed timber: This is the most popular option to choose in case you want something sustainable while it comes to installing new or renovating the existing flooring. This type of timber flooring at Narellan offers character, unsurpassed warmth and environmental benefits. This makes this flooring a great option for both the environmentally conscious homeowners and those, who are in search of creating the ideal ambiance for the home with a coastal theme or a rustic or authentic feel.

Timber flooring in the unfinished or pre-finished form:

Timber flooring comes in both pre-finished and unfinished forms. The majority of the property owners prefer pre-finished timber as it saves both effort and time. Besides, this type of timber also helps the property owners to save money. On the other hand, the unfinished timber needs to be sanded and needs to offer the right finish before installing. This takes some additional effort and time. But in this type of timber, the end result is more uninformed than the pre-finished one.