caesarstone suppliers sydney

Caesarstone is one of the top products of the quartz surface. Caesarstone quartz surfaces are manufactured by combining 93% quartz mineral with 7% polyresin. Caesarstone has set a unique way of presenting the residential and commercial building in a beautiful way. Caesarstone slabs come in a variety of colours, textures and designs. Caesarstone countertops are perfect for both residential and commercial places. It is water-resistant, scratch-resistant, virtually non-porous and mould and mildew resistant.

Some things to know about Caesarstone:

  • Availability in Sydney:

There are many Caesarstone Suppliers In Sydney offering the highest quality products for every home. The Caesarstone beauty and functionality makes it suitable for all types of countertops like kitchen tops, bathroom tops, laundry tops etc. The suppliers of Caesarstone deal in a wide range of quartz surfaces for flooring, interior designing, wall cladding etc. and also provide after-sale service and installation at a much affordable cost. There are many Caesarstone retailers, who are considered to be the stone specialists all over Sydney.

  • Natural looks offer the beauty of stones:

Caesarstone’s are extremely beautiful. It comes in different shapes, patterns, textures, designs which marks its beauty. Caesarstone is very soft and subtle. Caesarstone is rich, sophisticated and stylish. Caesarstone will give you a very peaceful and stylish look to your residential and commercial places.

  • Benefits of Caesarstone:

Many Caesarstone suppliers in Sydney offer the best of their Caesarstone made products. Some benefits of Caesarstone are

  1. Non-porous in nature unlike other natural stones.
  2. Versatile in nature and offers a good range of stylish countertops and benchtops. As it is 90% quartz, it can be mixed with any colour to make it more unique.
  3. They are durable, crack-free, scratch and stains resistant. Caesarstone’s durability is much higher than any other stone.
  4. They need low maintenance as it is non-porous in nature, it can be clean very easily.
  5. They can be formed and fit into any shape and size.
  • Disadvantages of Caesarstone:

As mentioned above, Caesarstone has many advantages but it also has some disadvantages too. Some of them are

  1. As compared to other stones, Caesarstone is much costlier than others like marble and granite.
  2. They are much heavier in weight so one must see whether the frame is strong enough to support the Caesarstone.
  3. Although they are stains and scratch resistant, they can easily get destroyed.
  4. Unlike granite and marble, caesarstone cannot endure much heat as they are not heat resistant. Many high temperatures can cause damage to them.

Caesarstone suppliers in Sydney do not limit their services to marketing and installation, they provide the after-sales services too. Their after-sales services are there for a lifetime and it includes taking suggestions regarding their benchtops, vanity tops, etc. They have a thorough knowledge of their work and are experienced ones. They want their customers to feel very comfortable with them and ask whatever and whenever they want to. Providing the best stone tops at a very affordable rate is their key to success. The people’s trust and satisfaction have made Caesarstone the best for the countertops in the world.