Pet boarding services in Sydney

Leaving your baby under someone else’s care brings a lot of worries. And imagine, leaving your pets who are like your babies in the pet boarding. Sometimes you go on trips and vacations,where you can’t take your pet. In such cases, you have to leave your pet behind. And before leaving your pet in boarding in Sydney, you must do a few things.

Do some research :

Before you leave your pet at a strange place, make sure you round up all the excellent pet boardings in Sydney, and shortlist them. Take advice from locals and friends, and learn of the best places you can leave your pet. Once you do the research, you can narrow it down to the best pet boardings. 

Visit the boardings :

You don’t leave your child under the care of a stranger. Before you leave, you make sure that you know the surrounding and the people you are leaving your child with. In the same way, you must visit the pet boardings you have shortlisted. You can choose the boarding that suits you and your pet’s needs. While choosing a boarding, you have to keep many things in mind, ask the questions-

  • Is there an on-call veterinarian on the campus? 
  • What are the time tables the pet here follows? 
  • Where do they keep the pets?
  • Is the place safe enough?

When all the questions are answered,and you are satisfied, you can leave your pet behind and go on your trip or vacation. 

Maintain the timetable :

When your pet has a habit, it is hard to come out of it. If the pet has a habit of going on a walk every day at 6 in the morning, then you have to ask the pet boarding to help your pet do so. Ask them whether they can accommodate your pet’s schedule. You must hand out your pet’s plan or agenda to the pet boarding staff. 

Let them know the instructions that they must follow. If your pet is on a specific diet and needs to ingest nutrients, then instruct the boarding of its needs. Your pet must stick to its timetable and stay fit and active while you are gone.

Approve the space before :

No matter the type of canine you have got, you need to survey the place where it is going to live while you are away. Cats are sensitive and need somewhere quiet. If you have a cat, check whether the pet boarding has a different section for cats than dogs. 

If you have got a dog, then make sure to know whether your dog will share it’s kennel with other pets or not. Do not let the boarding stuff your pet in with other dogs.  Request them to give your pet a separate kennel.

Give your pet an identification mark :

There are many pets on board. It is hard to identify your pet among so many. Putting an identification mark on your pet would be a lot better. If your pet doesn’t have a collar, get it one. It is helpful to spot the pet when it gets misplaced. Even collars and tags fall off, the best you can do is insert microchip to know exactly where your pet is.