It doesn’t matter if one is a homemaker or not, everybody wants their living room to look stunning. They want everything to be perfect from the walls to the curtains and of course, the lovely and sophisticated floor tiles. 

People already are aware of the fact that there are several different types of floor tiles available in the market any day and every day for them. People might want their living room floor tiles to match well with all the other objects in the living room but, do they know there are a lot of other things that they must think about before choosing their ideal floor tiles? 

If somebody who wants to change the look of your living room or if somebody who is absolutely a fresher in making this type of choice, they need to keep some tips in mind before landing on a conclusion. Mentioned below are the things that one needs to keep in mind before giving one heart away to some living room floor tiles that are just pretty to look at.

  • Size of the tiles

A person must consider buying large tiles. Smaller tiles are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens but living room floor tiles should be larger than the others. Larger tiles can make a person’s living room area look bigger than it is. It tricks the eyes, so one must consider buying large tiles. 

  • Colour of the tiles

Colour coordination of the floor tiles with other living room objects is extremely important. One must choose light-coloured tiles for their living room to look bigger and more spacious. It is also very pleasant to the eyes. But if they want everybody at home to feel cozier and more comfortable, they must go for dark-coloured tiles. 

  • Maintenance and durability

If somebody has kids at home or is a pet owner, then porcelain tiles are the ones that they should go for. It is less porous and it is very less likely to get stained compared to the ceramic ones. Ceramic ones are less expensive than porcelain ones but ceramic ones do not last as long as porcelain ones. Another plus point is that porcelain tiles come in various colours and designs.  

  • Samples

 A person should order samples at home and match them to their furniture, curtains, and walls. Colours often tend to look different in stores and while shopping online. They must keep the tiles on the floor and check the tiles at different times of the day and see how they appear in different lighting conditions. 

  • Finish of the tiles

Matte finish tiles are basically for outdoor areas and bathrooms. People should choose glazed tiles as they look more elegant and also help in making a small room look bigger. They have a reflective finish and are ideal for living rooms. 

So, these are a few things that one needs to consider before selecting living room floor tiles. Various tiles are available in the market for everybody. They might fit one’s budget as well as their taste.